Use Your iPhone as a Webcam With These Apps

Did you know that you can turn your iPhone into a webcam?Yes, you can, iPhones are known for their excellent cameras, why not use them as a webcam to stream live videos on iPhone? iPhone image is much better than what you get from the average webcam. To use iPhone as webcam, you can take advantage of apps that convert your iPhone into a web camera for all video chat programs. It is especially useful if you own a desktop PC that does not have a webcam. Below is a list of the 6 Apps to use your iPhone as webcam.

1. WebCamera

WebCamera is a very popular iPhone webcam app. It delivers the best image quality out of all the webcam apps. The video quality, modes, latency are all really good. The app uses your local Wi-Fi connection, which means that you can easily move your phone around and creatively position it just the way you like. It records video in 192×144, 480×360, and 640х480. Despite the lack of the HD resolutions, the image quality is excellent, and the app costs just $4.99.


2. EpocCam

EpocCam is an amazing webcam app and is free. It comes with a neat set of features. Compared to WebCamera, it offers a free version with limited functionality and a paid version, called EpocCAM HD, which unlocks all features, including the ability to use the flashlight in dark environments, tap to focus and autofocus modes, and, what’s probably most important, audio support. The HD version of the app is best but free version also works fine. EpocCam supports both Windows and Mac OS X but requires iOS 8.0 or higher.

Download EpocCam

3. iCam

iCam lets you stream multiple live videos. iCam has a special feature of recording and playing back the motion events. The app has an amazing camera quality and users receive notifications when the app detects something. Although, the application is for iPhone but the sources can be accessed on the windows PC too. It costs the same as webcamera i.e $4.99.

Download iCam

4. IP Cam

With IP Cam, you can capture the computer videos via Wi-Fi on your iPhone pretty easily. IP Cam is compatible with MJPEG streaming but that needs few third party apps. There are several options to improve the video quality. Like you can increase contrast, saturation and brightness. It only costs $1.99.

Download IP Cam

5. Air Cam Live Video $7.99

Air Cam will give you a continuous feed on your PC from any place. The app supports live air video streaming from its official source. It can also stream videos over 3G network. Also, supported by both Windows and Mac.

Download Air Cam

6. PocketCam by Senstic

PocketCam pretty much does the same job except you get the option of choosing modes (portrait and landscape). The latency/lag is (~0.5s) in PocketCam. Try this app for only $4.99.

Download PocketCam

So, that was our list of 6 best iPhone webcam apps.


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