WhatsApp New Final Update With New More Features, Emojis

WhatsApp users we have good news for you about its new update. This new update has been out recently and its features are increased. There are a lot of new features added to WhatsApp and it seems that WhatsApp has now finalized this update with the addition of 100 new emojis, Google drive chat log backups and new languages support like Uzbek, Tagalog, Malayalam, and Marathi etc.

Let’s take a lookout at the new features of WhatsApp update version. Checkout the new changes and features in the WhatsApp update below.

Zero Subscription fee

WhatsApp via its blog announced that all the versions of WhatsApp will now be completely free and there is no subscription fee required. For some users it may take a few weeks to come into effect and if you are charged in the meantime, then you will need to pay for it.

A lot of new Emojis

This new version of WhatsApp includes a lot of new emojis and some new category tabs like a bulb , football and flag. Some of the new emoji are fabled unicorn, champagne celebratory bottle , loathsome spider and more, its 2.12.250 version include emoji like Vulcan greetings for Trekkie’s and other are slightly less friendly , you can also change skin tones color by tapping and holding emoji for a while.

Google drive backups

The WhatsApp version 2.12.306 has the ability to backup your chat history, voice messages , photos and videos to Google drive which is an awesome feature and you can also make local backups . Now with this new update of WhatsApp you can backup everything in safe encrypted form and restore it easily . This feature may take few months to rollout for all WhatsApp users , just keep an eye on updates .

Star messages, Clear chat options

Now you can star a message to view it later , the version 2.12.338 beta includes this feature . It is useful if you are in hurry or message is important, you can “star” it for viewing later .
With Clear chat option you can not only clear the entire chat but also you can choose to delete messages older than 30 day , 3 months ,six months which is cool.

Sending WhatsApp message via Google

You can now send WhatsApp message via Google by using Google now voice command . just say OK Google and your message and then contact name , you can also record message like OK Google , your message to contact name.

Mark messages as read and unread

The new update has option to mark messages as read and unread just long press the chat and pop-up will appear indicating read and unread option.

Mute contacts, Custom notifications

The another new feature in this update is you can now mute notifications , mute group chats just by clicking the 3 dots option after that your phone won’t make a sound or vibrate.
Also you can customize notifications for individual contacts just open contact profile and and you will see settings where you can customize sound , colors and more.

Improved design and global research option

WhatsApp 2.12.87 version has new design improvements like lighter conversation wallpaper and material designs . some latest versions also include global research option which means you can search all words in all conversation, this feature has been removed but there is a chance that WhatsApp may include it in new update.

These were the features that are included in the new WhatsApp update. Hope you like the WhatsApp New Final Update. Share your views in the comments below. Please share this and Subscribe. Sharing buttons are below and subscription box is at the end.


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