Xiaomi Teased A Foldable Smartphone Prototype

Xiaomi’s foldable smartphone prototype

It has been a long time coming. What has been a long time coming? A foldable smartphone dummy! Samsung, for instance, showed a concept way back in 2013. Since then fans have been waiting for something more than a concept. Which Samsung promptly delivered last year.

Samsung’s working prototype

Samsung showed a Foldable smartphone prototype at its developer conference last year. Since then companies have been trying to imitate Samsung’s efforts by releasing their own concepts. Some companies take it a step further and release an actual foldable smartphone albeit a very poor one, looking at you Royole Flexpai.

Royole Flexpai

And then there are some companies who actually take the time with their new products. Like Huawei and Xiaomi. They go through the regular process of proper design, Research and Development, Prototyping, and then finally Releasing the finished product.

Xiaomi’s Prototype

Apparently Xiaomi is doing just that. Earlier today Xiaomi’s President Mr. Lin Bin posted a video on Chinese social media site Weibo. The video is showing him use a prototype Foldable Smartphone.

The smartphone in the video above looks like a proper first attempt at a very usable looking design. Unlike Samsung’s foldable smartphone prototype which folds inwards and opens up to reveal a bigger display, the device above folds the sides out. This is the first attempt we have seen that works by folding both the sides.

Aside from the video we have no further information about the specs, the software or what the device will be called. Xiaomi doesn’t even know if they are going to be releasing this device or not. All of this uncertainty aside, the smartphone shown above looks very promising. And if you ask me what the future of foldable smartphones will be like my answer will be: Well there is going to be a lot of folding involved!

What is your take on this? Promising or underwhelming? Sound of the in the comments down below.

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