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Google Now tips and features for Newbies

Those people who use Google Now too much after reading this post they will learn tips that they should try to get digital assistant doing all their work. Google Now is evolving into a very useful feature of Android because of its all-in-one functions but many people aren’t aware of these functions and so they’re not making the most of what Google Now has to offer. Google Now is become an essential part of Android devices, following are some Google Now tips and features to make it more efficient for you.

1. Set up Google Now

If you are not a regular user of Google Now first of all set it up, make Google now recognize your “Okay Google” command. Go to settings > voice > OK Google detection and enable all toggles by sliding them to the right. Now you need to train Okay Google to your voice by saying OK Google for three times.

Now if you want to use Google Now offline go to settings > Voice > offline speech recognition and download the languages you need, now you don’t need an internet connection to use Google Now.

2. Add voice commands and automate it

Google Now can work as automatic machine by adding more voice commands from taking a selfie, clearing notification, turning flashlight on and more. To do so download Commandr from Google Play Store and add additional commands to Google Now, you can set custom voice commands for individual function as well.

3. Travel arrangements and Location use

Google Now can arrange your travels if you use Google Calendar, it will tell you that you need to arrive that place and what time you should leave at, along with the traffic conditions and more, making you a punctual person.

You can use location-based reminders and Google Now will remind you once it detects that place. If you need to buy something and you’re at the shop or you’ve something very important to do first when you reach home it can be useful for remembering these things.

4. Launching apps, Punctuations and Smiley’s

Google Now can launch any of your apps just say that named after launch command for example, launch Facebook. When you are texting you can use punctuations by saying Comma, full stop or period and also you can add Smileys by saying happy face or sad face.

5. Ask questions

Google Now is Google you can ask any question even you can you can ask a follow-up question it will easily understand that it’s a follow-up question.

How to deactivate it

I don’t think someone would deactivate Google Now but if it is of no use to you, you can deactivate it anytime, go to settings > Cards and toggle off show cards.

That’s it guys, what do you say about Google Now tell us in comments below and share your experience.

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