Have you ever imagined what if you can install Grand Theft Auto V on Android? You know what, it is possible. Because now you can download GTA 5 apk on Android for free. You heard it right. You can actually install GTA V Apk+Obb data on your phone by following the instructions in this tutorial. This game is known by almost every other guy out there who has ever owned a PC. Initial release of Grand Theft Auto game series was on PC and then after it was ported to smartphones.

You can download or GTA V apk or GTA 5 Android for free from here by following the instructions below. I will explain step by step process to download and install GTA 5 Apk obb data. Rockstar North, the developer of this game, has put this game to life. It is just amazing. I remember buying a 600$ PC back in 2013 just for installing and playing this game at optimum settings. Anyway, let us start to install Grand Theft Auto V apk for Android.

gta 5 android apk


GTA 5 Android Apk

The joy of playing Grand Theft Auto 5 is everlasting. An addicting game it is. And you know what, it earned 1 Billion US Dollars in the first three days of it release and that was back in 2013. You are only a moments far from GTA 5 Download for Android. 

Most of the guides found on the internet will not work. No one is giving the proper method to download GTA 5 apk obb files for free on your mobile. And also most of the links to download this game do not work. Since GTA 5 apk for android is not available officially, this is an unofficial version. So, chances are it may not work on your phone but still you can give it a try.

Name GTA 5
File Type Apk
Size 1.8 GB+
Compatibility Android
Updated May, 2021

Game Description

GTA 5 apk is developed by Rockstar North. Its the 15th sequel of Grand Theft Auto series thet released after GTA IV. The game starts with three characters. Michael Townley, Trevor Philips, and Brad Snider partake in some kind of robbery. From there the journey of these three starts. You can read the whole plot of the game on Wikipedia.

Grand Theft Auto V Android Features

Android GTA 5 has a bunch of great features.

  1. Adventure RPG Game.
  2. Roam anywhere freely in a very big city.
  3. Complete the missions to continue the storyline.
  4. Change the clothing of your player.
  5. Go to dinner in restaurants.
  6. Amazing 3d graphics with advance effects.
  7. Buy houses and properties.
  8. You can fly planes, helicopters in the whole city.
  9. Do missions to complete game progress.
  10. Ride vehicles more and more and increase driving skills.
  11. Ride Bicycles. Motorbikes etc.
  12. Earn respect by cooperating and helping gang members
  13. And there is much more which you can only know after playing the game.

Let me tell you a thing that this game is not officially available for Android. You can Play GTA 5 apk Obb on Android via a mod called Visa mod. It is a mod to GTA San Andreas which will change it to Grand Theft Auto 5 with all the new maps, characters, city and missions. Some youtubers have also posted a video of GTA 5 game for Android. Don’t be mistaken, it is actually GTA SA Visa Mod known as GTA V Android.

But whether its a mod or not. We can have Grand Theft Auto 5 Android for free. All you have to do is download GTA 5 Obb file and apk data file and then follow the installation instructions.

Before Installing Android GTA 5 Apk, Make Sure

  • Your phone is running on Android OS version 4.0 or up.
  • Your smartphone has minimum Dual Core Processor and 1 GB Ram.
  • You have at least 3 GB free internal storage memory.
  • A good interent connection, because you will be download a large game file.

How to Install GTA 5 Apk + Obb Android | GTA V Apk

To download and install Grand Theft Auto 5 on Android. You can follow these steps below.

  1. First of all, head over to the download section below. And download GTA 5 Apk Obb.zip file on your phone.
  2. Install Zarchiver from Google Play Store for extracting the zip file.
  3. After the game file is downloaded completely.
  4. Open the Z Archiver, navigate to the downloads folder where you have downloaded GTA 5 data zip file.
  5. Tap on that file and extract it. After extraction you will ge an Apk File and a data file.
  6. Tap on the Apk file and install it.
  7. Now long tap on the data file which will be named as com.rockstargames and move it to Android>>Obb folder in internal storage.
  8. Now all is done.
  9. Launch the GTA 5 Android game.
  10. Enjoy the game.

Download GTA 5 Apk Data Obb Files

Click on the link below to download the game files.

Download: GTA 5.apk
Download: GTA 5 Obb File | Mirror

Troubleshooting GTA 5 Android Apk

If you are unable to install or download GTA 5 apk obb Data then follow do below troubleshoot steps.

  • Download Error: If files are not downloading or giving error. It may be your internet connection is slow. Use a fast internet connection and try downloading files through PC.
  • Game Installed But GTA 5 Android apk Not Working: If you have installed the game and still it is not working then recheck the files you move to Android folder. Obb data after extraction goes to Obb folder in android. SD Data after extraction goes to Data folder in Android.
  • More versions of GTA V APK: Incase this guide doesn’t work for you then I also have other guides you may follow. These are, GTA 5 Mobile Apk, GTA 5 No Survery, GTA SA Visa 2 mod, GTA 5 Visa, GTA 5 Obb file.

About Android GTA 5 Apk Free

This is Grand Theft Auto V for Android. You can install this game from above methods. GTA 5 was released in 2013, Sep for Xbox and Playstation. Then it came to windows, OS X and more platforms. On Android it is also available but not officially. You have to download and install the game manually which you can do by following above detailed steps. If you face any issue then drop your comments below.

By Faiq Ahmed

Faiq Ahmed loves Android OS and he is an Android Geek. He has owned an Android phone since 8th grade. Currently doing BS Computer Science.

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