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Top 5 best messaging apps for iPhone & iPad

Best messaging app for iOS? Of course iMessage but it is ‘Apple’s only’, means iMessage lets you send free messages to iPhone or iPad users only. What about your friends that use Android? There are, however, a variety of apps available on the App store designed to replace it (iMessage alternatives). We’ve searched through and picked out top 5 what we feel are the best in order to connect with your friends and family.

1. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is an amazing messaging app and now it supports video calling as well. It was designed to replace standard SMS apps across multiple OS, WhatsApp allows you to send messages, videos, pictures, audio, links and even locations to your friends or family for free over WiFi or using your data allowance if you’re on 3G or 4G at the time. Whatsapp works fine with Android, iOS and even in web browsers. One thing that differentiates whatsapp from other Messengers is rather than using a username or password, WhatsApp works with your mobile number.

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2. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is a popular messenger and it is similar in many ways to Whatsapp (FYI, Facebook actually owns Whatsapp now). Unlike the Android version, Facebook Messenger for iOS doesn’t come with Chat Heads. What it does come with is, using Facebook Messenger, you’ll be able to send voice messages, videos, pictures, smileys, stickers, links and more to your Facebook friends or Facebook pages within the app. You can start group chats or have individual corrections just like WhatsApp.

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3. Snapchat

Snapchat does not come in the category of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger but it is taking the world by storm. Unlike other Messengers Snapchat’s messages are temporary, expiring after they’ve been viewed. It’s great fun, although not entirely practical if you want to share important information or organize a get-together. It has a lot of unique features and it is awesome.


4. Google Allo

Google Allo, is new, it is the company’s attempt to move iOS (and Android) users to a universal platform. Google Allo offers Google Assistant, a text based bot that helps you by answering your queries. You can chat to it directly, or bring up intelligent search options in conversations with others by starting your message
‘@google’. It will not work with iPad and Mac because it needs to be associated with your phone number.


5. Yubl

Yubl is a relatively new app and is all about interactive content and instant feedback, making messaging really great fun. With Yubl you can send simple text-based messages, or create a Yubl from a blank canvas using stickers, fonts and colours. You can add buttons to start a vote, share your location or highlight the bar you fancy meeting at. There’s more to Yubl than just the messaging.

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