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10 Free Best Chrome Extensions

Good use of a Chrome extension can take a product from interesting to essential. Here are 10 free Chrome extensions I use every day to get more work done.


Buffer lets you take content from the web and post it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. Just right click on an image or article and click on Buffer from the menu. It also allows you to schedule it to be shared later and you’ll be able to track traffic around your content.

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Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is the king of all the messengers and this extension is quite useful. A small window showing your friends and recent chats pops open up at the side of your browser; share pictures, video, and text, and receive alerts when you receive messages.

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WhatsApp Messenger

Like FB messenger this extension of WhatsApp allows you to text friends also using WhatsApp as though you’re using your phone — great for locations with internet but no cell service.

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Point lets you share the article, highlight text while your friends are viewing, and chat in real time in a pop-out window. This app makes discussing news in the information age more effortless than ever before. It’s like you’re viewing news paper and highlighting it and stuff.

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Pocket lets you save the articles. With one click, you can save the article to read later. Instant productivity win!

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Of course Ads are annoying, right?. Ads take up valuable space that could be used by something more important.

AdBlock makes sure ads get out of your way.

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The default Google Talk app is relegated only to inside Gmail. The Hangouts Chrome extension docks Hangout chats at the bottom of your screen and can overlay all your other windows when you get a new chat from someone. It even keeps a record of chats so you can go back and see who you should catch up with.

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Google Translate

Google Translate lets you translate the entire web page. If you’d like to translate a sentence or two, highlight the text and click the translate button. You can even hear how the words are pronounced in the specific language you’re translating from.

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Finding the perfect GIF quickly is often more time consuming than it should be. In those cases, Giphy has your back. Giphy lets you search GIFs by keyword to be inserted into your emails. Adding this extension to Chrome puts a small button in new Gmail messages too.

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Share some of your favorite Chrome extensions with us!

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