Top 4 Apps to Hack In-App Purchases on Android


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  1. Are you sure about the Freedom File ? That website is not ok For me.and also update Leo playcard website.
    are there any recommended android apps other than these ? what about appsara ?

  2. No BigD. Jailbreaking is rooting an iPhone. It’s called rooting on Android because Android is a Linux OS and it gives you root access. Making your phone work with any carrier is called unlocking.

  3. Gan, bisa bantu saya ga…
    Tolong carikan cheat buat kingdom warriors atau dot arena…
    Makasih udah perhatian…

  4. Rooting vs jailbreaking
    Root…. takes away the device manufacturers administrative control. Once rooted, you can mod your device to customize to your likings. Also, you can uninstall bloatware apps(uninstallable apps that come preinstalled from the manufacturer) to create more free space or memory.
    Jailbreak… most cell phones are set up to be locked to only work with certain carrier(s). Once a cell phone is jailbroken, it can be used on any carrier eg… verizon, tmobile, boost, straight talk, virgin.

  5. Hi, I’m planning on buying my first android phone, probably the OnePlus 3 or Note 7, both newer devices. Will these IAP hacks work on the newest software? Also how friendly is rooting your device in comparison to JB for Apple Devices. I’m fairly familiar with it and have used it on over 5 devices, and on each one I’ve found it damages the phone/makes it deteriorate faster.


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