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Best Alarm Clock Apps For iPhone 

There are apps available for almost everything. So, why use default alarm clock app when there are better apps available? Waking up in the morning is not easy for many people and a regular alarm clock or an alarm clock app is also not enough for them. If you’re one of them and looking for best App to wake you up in the morning. You’ll find it here in this guide.

Many folks snooze their alarms or sleep through them, which makes them late for work or whatever they have to do in the morning. There are a wide variety of apps and gadgets tailored to wake you exactly how you’d like in the morning.

Wake Alarm Clock

Wake Alarm Clock is the most popular alarm clock app for iPhone 6/6s. The UI oozes simplicity and elegance, combined with gesture-driven functionality. You can snooze or turn off an alarm by slapping, turning over, swiping or shaking. Use the “Shake” function by grabbing your iPhone and shake it enough to fill the Shake Bar. This gets your blood moving to get YOU moving.

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Walk Me Up

Not wake me up but “walk me up” won’t stop until you start walking. It’s a neat trick to get you out of bed, and hopefully once you’re up you won’t just jump right back in. But before you use this app please note that your phone can’t be in silent mode and you have to have notifications enabled.

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Carrot Alarm

Carrot Alarm will trigger an alarm at the assigned time, but it will make fun of you and will berate you when you hit the snooze button. It is a talking alarm clock app that can be used with gestures. Choose from 1 of 30 alarm tones, then pick the time you’d like to wake by swiping up or down. The app also has a game which can keep you awake and give you rewards when you wake up at time. This universal app is twisted in just the right way and ensures that you will wake on time.

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SpeakToSnooze Pro

SpeakToSnooze is incredibly helpful for when you just aren’t ready to move or even open your eyes. Driven by the power of your voice, SpeakToSnooze is truly remarkable. You can ask your phone what the time is, to set a time in which you absolutely must get out of bed by saying “I have to get up by” (this will prompt a very annoying noise in which you will have no choice but to wake). There is a lot more, just give it a try!

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Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle helps regulate your sleep patterns, then helps you wake at a similar time daily. This one is different from others. In order to set this alarm, choose a time period in which you would like to wake. The alarm will then find the time that you are in your lightest stage of sleep by using your phones accelerometer, ringing the alarm at that time. After using this app for just a few days, Sleep Cycle will start collecting data that can tell you quite a bit about your cycle. The goal of Sleep Cycle is to wake you up at the optimal time.

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Uhp’s unique feature is that the app can be set to shame you on Facebook or Twitter if you don’t get up. You can set it to post if you don’t walk away from your bed (with your phone), which is how Uhp determines whether you are up or not. Awesome right?!

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