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The Best Pokevision Alternatives For Pokemon Go

The latest Pokemon GO update disabled footprints and many tracking sites that Pokemon GO trainers were using, including Pokevision. The Update Disabled Pokevision and Pokemon GO didn’t just remove its own footsteps tracking system but also removed many other tracking websites’ ability to access its API.

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Because of Pokemon Go Niantic, have a huge hit on their hands. Nintendo’s involvement in the app was minimal, that is probably why Pokevision, the popular service that allowed Pokemon Go users to find all the Pokemon they could ever want to hunt, has been shuttered by both Nintendo and Niantic. So, now that Pokevision tracker for Pokemon Go is dead, pokevision is broken, what are your alternatives? Here are best alternatives for Pokevision.


After Pokevision Pokemon GO players consider PokeAlert as the best tracking app. This app can provide an overlay map that will show the Pokemon that is being searched. The PokeAlert 2.3.12-1 is that latest update released by the tracking app, here is the link PokeAlert 2.3.12-1 

PokeFast (Android)

PokeFast is another new map scanner meant for Android users. The app claims that users who download PokeFast will not get banned as they do not make any request to Niantic servers. The app can be downloaded from here

Poke Map (iOS)

For iOS users, Poke Map Radar provides Pokemon locations which were also given by other “Pokemon GO” players from all over the world. The app is overall amazing but there is one problem as it is helped by avid “Pokemon GO” players who placed detected Pokemon on the map, some players, place Pokemon points just for the fun.

Poke Radar for Pokemon Go (iOS, Android, Web)

Pokemon Radar for Pokemon Go claims the app was built by Pokemon Go enthusiasts. You can download the Android and iOS app or use the map on the web over at pokemonradargo.com. Check it out

PokeMesh (Android)

PokeMesh is another Android app and has the ability to filter by Pokemon type, this is one alternative that is still being developed on the fly. Maybe you have to donate to get your favorite Pokemon. You can download the app’s APK file at pokemesh.com.

Poke Detector

For iOS players, this app can easily detect selected Pokemon that is being searched by the player. Players will be notified as soon as the selected Pokemon is nearby. Try it here PokeDetector

FastPokeMap (Web)

You can access map via web, FastPokeMap labels itself as a beta, so bear that in mind during use. It’s available at fastpokemap.com.

PokeNest (Web)

PokeNest, a web-based mapping app for finding nests of Pokemon. Pokemon nest is an area where a certain type of Pokemon are known to show up. It can be reached at anj.fyi/nest/.


Pokezz is another pokemon tracking app. Recentlty i have published an article on PokeZZ and its alternatives. They are all working as of now.

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