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Best Working PokeZZ Alternative for Pokemon Go [PokeSniper and More]

HI guys. Once again here with a new Pokemon Go Hack PokeZZ Alternative. Pokemon Go has set the records all around the world and it was the most played game of 2016. But as it is the real time walking GPS game, this is something that users do not want. What I mean is that in order to play the game and to catch the pokemons you need to walk in real time using your location via GPS. To bypass real life walking i have previously published some hacks. These are,

“Some of the above hack don’t work now because Niantec have updated its anti-theft system for Pokemon Go”

Now coming to PokeZZ pokemon go hack. It is a live pokemon go tracking site that lets you find the Pokemon of your choice. This tool gives you the exact location of the pokemon and the exact time that when it will dissappear. Apart from Poke ZZ, today i have some of the best PokeZZ Alternatives for you. You may find them even better.


Now the question is; How you Can Use PokeZZ? It is not an apk app you can use. It is a website which has the list of live Pokemon spawns and their location. You can get to that location and catch the desired pokemon. For catching the pokemons you can use either PokeSniper or Pokemon Location Spoofing app. I’ll tell about sniper app in my next article. For now let use have a look at some of the best working PokeZZ alternative.

I will upate the list every week to make sure if some of them stops working. Then i’ll replace it with some other working alternatives.

Below is the list of alternarives of Pokezz that actually work. Pick one of your choice. Some of these also work with Pokemon Go Gen 2.

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Top 5 Working PokeZZ Alternative

In order to catch the Pokemons, you can use location spoof apps like Fly Gps or Pokemon Go++.

PokeZZ for Sure!

First one is PokeZZ itself because no alternative is better than it. The list of pokemons is updated every second. The tracking system is the best. You can open the location on Google Apps, use the coords or open the location in PokeSniper app.

Now lets come to some real PokeZZ alternatives For Pokemon Go.


pokezz alternatives pokedex100

One of the best working Pokemon tracking site is Pokedex100. Previously known Pokedex100IV, this website gives you the Pokemons with highest 100iv. Every pokemon has the level higher than 90iv. So you get some of the strongest pokemons. PokeDex works with Pokemon Go Gen 2. It gives you option for skill review of the pokemon.

Moreover the site is responsive and easy to use. Layout is great and their does not get down.

Best features are;

  • You can sort pokemons to show by IV, CP and name.
  • The latest update supports Pokemon GO Gen 2.
  • Pokemons are updated every second.
  • Catch Pokemons with 100iv.
  • SignUp to get even more Pokemon locations.

Visit: Pokedex100


pokezz alternatives pokehunter

On the number second in our list we have PokeHunter. An amazing pokemon tracker tool. The thing i like about this is you can choose any location and find the pokemons in that particular location. Unlike other Pokezz alternative, you can find pokemons in any location rather than a fixed spot.

Best Features are;

  • Its lets you find pokemon in the given area or your chosen location.
  • It displays Gyms around the area.
  • Displays Pokestops.
  • Also gives you can option to hide the pokemon you don’t want.

Visit: PokeHunter


pokezz alternatives pokesniper

Still if you don’t like above pokemon location tracking apps then try out PokeSniper. It works perfectly and updates with new pokemons with highest iv. Plus feature is it notifies you about the high iv level pokemons. You can copy the coordinates, open map or use the snipe option to catch the pokemon. PokeSniper is similar to Pokezz Alternative.

  • Get notfication about high 100iv pokemons
  • Get coordinates, map and snipe the pokemon.

Visit: PokeSniper


PokeFind is an App for iOS that tracks the pokemon location. It makes easier to catch the pokemons for you. You can install it from the official iOS appstore. It is also a CV and IV calculator for Pokemon Go.

Features are,

  • IV calculator to show how strong the pokemon is.
  • CP caculator to show the evolution level.
  • Map that shows Gyms, pokestops and Pokemons around you.

Go Tools for Pokemon Go

Need to catch rare pokemons, install go tools for pokemon go app on android. It is similar to PokeFind app above. Go tools for Pokemon Go does not use any api for tracking pokemons which is a good thing. It won’t ban. It keeps the records of user submitted data where they found the pokemon.

Features are,

  • Evolution CP calculator to find when your pokemon will evolve.
  • IV calculator to show the power of pokemon.
  • Map for finding Gyms, Pokestops and Pokemon.
GO Tools for Pokémon GO
GO Tools for Pokémon GO
Developer: PokeFind
Price: Free
  • GO Tools for Pokémon GO Screenshot
  • GO Tools for Pokémon GO Screenshot
  • GO Tools for Pokémon GO Screenshot
  • GO Tools for Pokémon GO Screenshot
  • GO Tools for Pokémon GO Screenshot
  • GO Tools for Pokémon GO Screenshot
  • GO Tools for Pokémon GO Screenshot
  • GO Tools for Pokémon GO Screenshot
  • GO Tools for Pokémon GO Screenshot
  • GO Tools for Pokémon GO Screenshot
  • GO Tools for Pokémon GO Screenshot
  • GO Tools for Pokémon GO Screenshot

These wers some the best working PokeZZ Alternative for Pokemon Go. You can use any of them that fits you. Now please keep in mind that some them may stop working after Niantec system updates. Hope you like them. Please share it and subscribe to our blog.

About Pokemon Go Location Tracking Apps

Pokemon Go Location Tracking are apps and websites that lets you find the pokemon of your choice. These apps and websites gives you either coordinates, gps locations or their own sniping apps to catch the pokemons. They use special APIs to track the locations of pokemons which is illegal and can be shutdown after the updates of the game. These PokeZZ alternative and PokeSniper apps may not work for life time. They get shut down from time to time after every pokemon go update.

Share your views and problems in the comments below. Also let share if you know any other cool pokemon location tracker.


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