How to Bypass Factory Reset Protection (FRP) on LG Devices


Google introduced a new security measure FRP factory reset protection in Android 5.0 Lollipop. The FRP is helpful for securing your data on the device in case if it gets steal. If your device got stolen, the thief will first of all wipe all the user data on device in order to sell it or use it by himself.¬†But he won’t be able to perform a factory reset from settings and sure he’ll go for stock recovery option for this but even if he succeeds in performing factory reset he still won’t be able to use the device because the device will ask to enter Google account and password linked with device and that’s what FRP means, Thanks to Google.

Now you all must be wondering what’s the point of this article so here it is, what if you yourself forget your Google account and password and you do a factory reset and got stuck. Don’t worry we have a solution to this problem, if you are using an LG device you can bypass this FRP by performing the steps described below.

But before that

  • Make sure your Device is connected with a WiFi network and also it is charged above 60%.
  • Backup your entire data.

Bypass Factory Reset Protection on LG devices

  • 1. First of all boot your device into recovery mode to perform a factory reset.
  • 2. Your device will turn on follow the setup wizard, tap “accessibility” to access menu.
  • 3. In accessibility menu turn on ‘switch access’. Go to settings now and at the bottom tap “key combo overview” then press Volume down button and the key combination overview is changed now.
  • 4. Tap back button to go back to the main menu, here tap vision > TalkBack > settings. In settings go to privacy policy and this will launch the internet.
  • 5. Tap Google and use search bar to go to and there tap on Apps from menu.
  • 6. Find “” and download it.
  • After downloading tap Volume down button to overview and then tap dual window, now you can access file manager.
  • 7. Navigate to the apk file you’ve just downloaded and tap it to install, launch the app and you are in phone’s settings now.
  • 8. In Settings menu go to “Users” and tap add a new user enter any Google account.
  • 9. Now you are entering your device as a guest user.
  • 10. Again go to settings > Users and here switch it to the Owner.

That’s it FRP has been bypassed. The credit for this useful trick goes to Root junky and now you can reset your Device or do whatever you want without worrying about Factory reset protection. Share this with your friends and make sure next time you don’t forget your Google account.

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