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How to Download Cydia on iOS Without Jailbreak

There was a time when you could not get Cydia on your device without the jailbreak. But, jailbreaking isn’t always a good idea. That’s why we have an alternative for you. Cydia contains many useful tweaks, utilities, emulators, and other apps. But because not everyone is willing to risk turning an expensive iPhone into a brick, many iOS users never get to try what’s possible with Cydia apps.

If you want to install Cydia, you need to jailbreak your iOS device. Jailbreaking can cause certain security issues and it often results in warranty breach. iOSEmus app is an excellent Cydia alternative to get paid applications for free. You can install iOSEmus without jailbreak on iOS devices.

The Cydia installer is compatible with:
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPod Touch

Cydia on iOS Without Jailbreak

The iOSEmus is a service that makes it possible to install many popular Cydia apps without jailbreak. All you need to do is install the iOSEmus app on your iOS device.

1. Open Safari or any other web browser and go to http://iosem.us/.

2. The link will take you to the official website of iOSEmus. There, you need to choose an icon you’d like the app to use and start the install process.

3. Follow the directions to install the iOSEmus profile on your device.

4. You’ll see a warning saying, “Profile is not signed.” Don’t mind this warning and just tap the Install button to continue.

5. Once installed, you can return to the Home Screen and launch the iOSEmus app.

6. There should be a row of buttons on the bottom of the main screen of iOSEmus. One of the buttons is going to depict an arrow pointing inside a box. This button will take you to the Apps, Games, and Emulators section.

7. The Apps, Games, and Emulators section is further subdivided into several other sections. Navigate through the long list of available apps and games until you see something that you’d like to install.

8. Apps with a green line next to their icon should work on your device. Apps with a blue line may not work on your device.

9. Pick an app, tap Install and follow the directions to complete the installation process.

10. After installation is done, go to the Home Screen and try the new application.

If it doesn’t work, you may need to go to Settings > General > Profile & Device Management. Click on the option under Enterprise App and trust the app.

So, you don’t need to jailbreak your iOS device anymore in order to install Cydia installer on iOS. Keep in mind that not everything you download from iOSEmus might be perfectly legal. Use caution, double-check everything you click on. There’s also another app, TutuApp, which offers a very similar functionality. If iOSEmus didn’t work for you, it might.


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