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Samsung Galaxy S3 Best Custom ROMs

If your Android Smartphone is working slow or of you want to give your phone some new features you will try to upgrade your phone to latest android version or improved version but there are some phones which are not good at upgrading , but there are always some other ways to make things go smooth. In order to upgrade an android phone there are some unofficial methods of upgrading them through Custom ROM installation. So if you are bored and sick of your phone flashing a Custom ROM might be something that you need and today we are here to help you find some Samsung Galaxy S3 Best Custom Roms.

Installing Custom ROM

Before flashing Custom ROM onto your phone you should be aware of how to do it for example rooting your phone , Custom recoveries etc . Keep in mind that flashing Custom Roms voids Smartphone warranty and it is an unofficial process. Only advance users should do that.

Best Custom ROMs for Galaxy S3

Some of the Best Galaxy S3 custom Roms are here. You should take a look at them and try any one. If you have owned Galaxy S3 for a long time and want something new these are the Galaxy S3 Best Custom Roms.

CM 13 for Galaxy S3 (6.0.1 Marshmallow)

CM roms are one of the best Roms for Android Smartphones. CM 13 is one of the latest Galaxy S3 best Custom Roms so if you want to have latest Android version on your Phone Marshmallow 6.0.1, Go for it. CM team has released their official nightlies for several models of Samsung Galaxy S3 like Gt-i9300, Verizon and for other unofficial versions too like ( AT & T , T-Mobile & Canadian versions)

CM 12.1 ROM for S3 ( 5.0 lollipop)

If you are android lollipop lover and want to upgrade your Galaxy S3 on 5.1 then CM 12.1 is best ROM for your smartphone. This ROM has builds for all versions like Gt-i9300 (AT & T , T-Mobile & Canadian versions)

AICP ROM for Samsung Galaxy S3

This is another Android 5.1.1 Custom ROM for your S3, it is fast and smooth . After having this ROM you will notice improvements like fast system speed and increased battery life. This AICP ROM is one of the best lollipop 5.1 ROM for Galaxy S3 GT-i9300 and its other official and unofficial versions.

Android revolution HD ( jellybean)

This is one of the best 4.3 jellybean ROM for Samsung Galaxy S3 . It is an improved version of stock Samsung ROM some new features include better memory management and improved speed with enhanced battery life and improved CPU performance.

Carbon ROM (Android 4.4) KitKat

For KitKat lovers this is best ROM, Carbon KitKat ROM is packed with many additional features like customization of navigation bar and battery even signal icons . It has awesome launcher and shortcuts like you can turn torch-light on directly from lock screen by pressing and holding for a while. Some other additional features are active display and dark mode, adding apps in lock screen ring, adding up to 4 apps in quick launch etc.

And that’s it. This was our list of Galaxy S3 Best Custom Roms. These are the best Roms available for Galaxy S3. Hope you like. Comment below to share your views and if you have installed any one of these. Also share it and subscribe. Sharing buttons are below and subscription box is at the end. Thanks to all_!!!

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