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Solution to WhatsApp Problems/Error with Messenger

WhatsApp messenger app is one of the most popular messaging apps and almost every smartphone user keep this app. So it is clear that many people use WhatsApp messenger which is good but sometimes it gets buggy and in this succeeding post you will see some common WhatsApp problems or errors and their solutions.

With increase in the usage of WhatsApp there is also an increase in the no of WhatsApp Messenger Problems that users are suffering from every day. There may be any Problem with WhatsApp messenger you are using and today I will help you sort out some most common WhatsApp problems.

WhatsApp Installation Problem

If you are Android user then keep in mind that WhatsApp messenger requires android version higher than 2.1 (by the end of 2016 WhatsApp won’t support 2.1 and 2.2). To check which Android version your phone is running go to settings and tap about phone option.
Install WhatsApp messenger from Google play or of you are installing it from WhatsApp website don’t forget to enable Unknown sources option in security settings.

Connection WhatsApp Problems

WhatsApp will cause connection problem if you’re using it over Wi-Fi or on Android Tablet because WhatsApp needs a sim card and phone number, to solve this problem make sure that you have the latest WhatsApp messenger version installed onto your phone if not update it or reinstall the app. Check that you have a working internet connection, if still problem is unsolved, clear the app cache (go to settings > Apps > WhatsApp > clear cache)

Blocking Contacts

If you want to block some of your contacts all you need to do is go to the person’s conversation you want to block and tap on the option button ( three dots ) here tap more and now you will see block option, you can block as many contacts you want and also you can unblock them. To unblock repeat the above procedure and tap unblock.

Adding International Contacts Problem

On WhatsApp messenger you can add international contacts, if you are searching an international contact on WhatsApp but if can’t find it then the problem is you are not using correct regional code. Use the correct regional code and search again and also make sure the number you have is correct.

WhatsApp Contacts Recognition Problem

Sometimes WhatsApp wouldn’t recognise your contacts, to solve this problem make sure the contact information is correct and the person is currently using WhatsApp, also make sure that all your contacts are visible if not make them all visible, it might solve your problem.

Hide whatsApp Last Seen

The WhatsApp “Last seen” means when was the last time a person used WhatsApp. This doesn’t mean that they have read your message but only that they opened WhatsApp messenger.

If you don’t want other people to know about your last seen you can hide it, for hiding your last seen go to settings > account > privacy and here tap the last seen and change it to nobody from everyone or my contacts. Keep in mind that after hiding your last seen you also won’t be able to see other people’s last seen.

How Backup WhatsApp Conversations

The latest update of WhatsApp allows you to backup your conversations as it supports Google drive backup. You can set this up by going to settings > chats and calls > chat backup.

How Delete WhatsApp Account

By uninstalling WhatsApp messenger app you are not deleting your account. You can download it again and it will work like before, so it is not the same as deleting account. To delete your account completely go to WhatsApp messenger settings > account > Delete my account, confirm and you are done you can also change your number here.

These are some solution to common WhatsApp problems, if you are facing any problem or want to ask something about WhatsApp, please comment below. Please Share it and Subscribe. Sharing buttons are below and subscription box is at the end.

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