Thursday, May 23, 2024

Spotify++ iPA iOS 17/16 Download [Premium Free][Working 2024]

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  1. I used these steps to succeed (on the iPhone 15 pro):
    1. Download “Sideloadly”( and “5-Spotify++ 8.6.94.ipa”( Spotify%252B%252B_8.6.94.ipa/file) on your mac.

    2. Open Sideloadly:
    a. Prepare a transmission cable and connect your iphone to the mac.
    b. Enter your Apple ID.
    c. Click on the top left corner to import the ipa file.
    d. Click the Start button and enter your password. The Spotify app will be installed on your phone.

    3. You may attempt to open it. However, you will encounter a notice which doesn’t allow you from opening Spotify -> Settings app -> General – > Profile -> Select Profile -> Trust.

    4. Next, the second warning is approaching -> Settings app -> Privacy & Security -> Activate Developer Mode -> Restart Your Device.

    Congratulations! Now you can enjoy a variety of fantastic functions on Spotify for free.

  2. why does only version 8.6.94 have the premium features and not any versions beyond that, is it just for me or is it happening with the rest of you as well. and if the admin team is reading this (please fix this issue so the premium work for later versions as well since local files on the app is not showing up upon enabling it in the setting nor in the Files app on the phone).

  3. Hi everyone, I have installed version 8.6.94 on my iphone 13 pro. With this version the spotify pro features are unlocked, it works in short. I also tried updating the app by trying to install the latest released versions. But with these latest versions it’s like having spotify free, the free features are not unlocked and I don’t understand this. I hope it will be fixed

  4. Thought it was fake but it works perfectly with Altstore. I just wish the premium button wasn’t on the bottom but otherwise it’s very good

  5. Después de usarlos unos días dice que ya no se puede abrir la aplicación ni spotify ni Altstore que puedo hacer ?

  6. hey it works, thank you so much.
    i’m using iphoneXR. i use Sideloadly to install it and i followed the instruction. after the app get installed on your phone don’t forget to go to your iphone setting go to “Enterprise App” and click trust, also you have to enable “Developer Mode” too. then login to your spotify account and voillaa spotify premium unlocked! :))

  7. Spotify stopped working today for some reason. it kept on directing me to cokernutx everytime i opend it. So downloaded Spotify++ v8.6.94 from here and sideload via altstore you’ll be back up and running better than before. Iphone 14 pro on ios 16.0

  8. This is not the premium version of the iPA. It gets installed via altstore but wants me to upgrade to premium still.

    Running iOS 15.1,1

  9. version 8.6.94 is not compatible with the latest IOS 15.4, i tried Altstore and Sideloadly with their respective latest versions.
    im using an Iphone 12 with IOS 15.4, i have cercube youtube sideloaded and it has no problem, i can also sideload instagram rocket and what not with no problem, but with Spotify it always sais Application is missing the application identifier entitlement.

  10. when I use altstore to install it, it shows that Application is missing the application identifier entitlement

  11. I have the same problem as @Adnan Hamdi i have Ios 15.3.1
    when i try to install an application i get :
    Application is missing the application identifier entitlement

    Thanks for helping

  12. It doesn’t work for me it says :
    Application is missing the application identifier entitlement
    What should i do ?

  13. after some time apple revoks the app by an application downloaded outside of the app store and being an untrustedEnterprise Developer, how can i fix it?

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