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VShare iOS 12 without Jailbreak, How to Download & install – Guide 2019

Apple’s Appstore is a great place for getting all the stuff for your iOS Device. But everything comes with a price. Since it is the official place of apps and games for Apple inc. For certain products you have to pay. While others are free. Unlike android ,where you can get almost any app or game for free, iOS is restricted. Here comes a third party store for iPhone or iPad called vShare.

v-Share is a free appstore for android and iOS devices. With support for the latest iOS 12 .It can be installed on any device, with or without the need of jailbreak. Which in my opinion is a great offer considering you don’t have to install cydia and void your warranty.

Featuring a lot of free apps and games, which are paid on the apple’s appstore. v Share is a great market place for iOS 12. If you’re an old iPhone user then you surely will know what I’m talking about.

vShare for iOS 11 or iOS 12 is a great alternative to installous, zeusmos, appcake and tutuapp. This article will explain in detail how you can download and install v share on iOS 12 or iOS 11 device, without the need of cydia or any kind of Jailbreak.

But first, some frequently asked questions and their answers.

What is V Share ?

Vshare for iOS is a marketplace containing thousands of applications and games. Alternative to Appstore, vShare offers you a wide variety of applications and their pro versions for free. Which are usually paid on the Apple’s appstore.

Can vShare work without Jailbreak ?

Yes, It can be downloaded and installed on your iPhone,iPad or iPod without Jailbreak or Cydia.

Previously, you needed a repo from where you would get the app. But now you can do it without exploiting your device.

Can I Install vShare Using the Old Web Method (Safari) ?

If you don’t know about this, previously this application was installed using SAFARI via web installer. But now that support has been discontinued.

Now you can only install it with the help their official PC client software called vShare Helper. For which you will need an active internet connection and a Data Cable.


  1. A PC
  2. An internet connection
  3. An iDevice running iOS 12
  4. A working USB/DATA cable

How to Download & Install vShare on iOS 12 (Method 2019)

  • On your PC open up you web browser and go to this Link.
  • Now tap on the Download button for PC Client. vShare helper will start to download on your PC. Let it complete.
  • Open up the downloaded file. Run the setup .vshare ios 12
  • After the installation is Complete. Open up the vShare Helper. And connect your iPhone or iPad.Install vShare on iOS 12
  • Tap on Install Vshare at the bottom. This will start downloading the app first. And then install it on your iOS 12 device.
  • Wait for the installation to finish. Now unlock your phone and search for v-share. Run it.

That’s it. Yes ! the whole process. You can now get many of the apps which were previously paid. For free on your iOS 12 device. The best working method for v Share ios 12 in 2019. Just open up the vShare SE app. Launch it and enjoy playing free apps and games.

Having any problems ? Comment and we’ll get to a solution. Please Share.

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