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Android Rooting apps, Helpful in flashing ROMs & other tweaks

This guide will help all those people who are fond of rooting their devices and flashing Custom ROMs. After rooting your device these apps will let you get more of rooting in modifying and customizing your device using root privileges, lets have a look some of the helpful Android Rooting apps.

All of these apps are free on Google Play Store. You can install and download these best Android Rooting Apps from Playstore as they are easily available.

ROM manager

After rooting your android device this is the best app needed for flashing custom ROMs and Kernels. With ROM manager you can install recoveries, find Custom ROMs from many developers to flash them. ROM manager is a must have root app because it makes it a lot easier to find ROMs, kernels and recoveries. The premium version of this app provides more advanced features.


Flashify is the app which can do the flash lifting for you because manually flashing your files is a bit risky and could brick your device but with Flashify you don’t need to worry about it anymore. You can flash files like recovery.img, boot.img and other zip files with ease and it also saves your precious time. Moreover it gives you an option to create a backup of kernels and restore them later using SD card. But there is one thing you should know about Flashify is you can do only three flashes per day and you can add the remaining ones to your queue for the next day.

Titanium Backup

Rooting procedure need an app for Backup as backups are an essential part of rooting any device and Titanium backup is a best backup app. After root, before proceeding to custom ROM installation it is good to create a backup first and this app is good enough for that.

Es File Explorer

Root users shouldn’t be without a quality file explorer and one of the best root file explorer is Es file explorer. There are many other too like Cabinet etc but Es file explorer is a great one, it is easy to use with its cool layout and quick menu options.

Device Control

One of the great rooting benefit is you gain access to over-clock and under-volt your Android device. CPU over clocking enhances its performance but to use these tweaks you’d need an app like Device Control. It lets you over clock and under volt your device along with build prop editor, sound and display management options.


Greenify is a great app for battery optimization it runs without root as well but with root privileges it really comes into its own. Greenify lets you take control over apps in sleep mode as well as when awake. For Marshmallow it includes a new feature ” Shallow Hibernation “.

System App remover

System app remover is another must have root app as it lets you remove the apps which come pre-installed on your phone consuming device’s internal memory also known as Bloatware. Unfortunately you cannot recover your memory by removing them but sure you can save your battery power and CPU.

These were some best rooting apps for Android that are helpful in Flashing custom roms and other tweaks. Comment below for your views. Please share it and subscribe. Sharing buttons are below and subscription box is art the end.

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