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Some Best Horror Games for Android and iOS

Do you love horror themed games ? The frantic experience of feeling like we are in some sort of danger, all in the safety of our own couch is sometimes an irresistible one. The fact that horror titles usually rely on player controls not being all that great, getting the horror experience in your pocket is now easier than ever.

It can be tough to find a scary horror game but we have done all the hard work for you. A lot of games feature friendly monsters and zombies, but we’ve picked our favorite creepy, dark, and freaky iPhone and iPad games to make your evening a little scarier.

One Late Night ($1.99)

One Late Night is an indie horror game and is really scary. You play as an average white collar worker who happened to stay in the office up until the late hours of the night. Strange things begin to happen and things go from 0 to creepy really fast. To find out, what exactly is haunting the office? You need to download this game.

Download: iOS | Android

Dark Meadow

Dark Meadow is an exploration-based game and has some scary surprises. You’ll slash and dodge your way through monstrous beasts. You’re also exploring an abandoned hospital haunted by the ghost of a girl. Think of it as Infinity Blade with just a dash of Silent Hill. While exploring the haunted hospital, you will uncover several, puzzles, and weapons.

Download: iOS | Android

Mental Hospital IV ($1.99)

Mental Hospital IV continues the story of the previous 3 games in a beautiful manner, with great textures, details, and a good dosage of horror. A dark asylum is a much-overused cliché of the horror genre, still creepy.

Download: iOS | Android

Five Nights at Freddy’s series ($2.99)

Everyone knows the name (unless you’re not a fan). Your job is to sit somewhere and keep an eye out for living robots. What are they doing ? Trying to kill you. There is also a healthy amount of lore and story. There are five games in total to play through. The mechanics vary between the games.

Download: Android

The School: White Day ($6.99)

This one’s the best you will find. Based on a classic horror game from 2001. This game has you play as a student, locked in their school in the after-hours. It’s a horror survivor, based around the “run and hide” mechanic, which has become popular as of late.

Download: iOS | Android

Knock-Knock ($2.99)

Knock-Knock is creepy, mysterious, artsy, and a total thrill to play. It’s a 2D game that has you playing as a eird-looking “lodger” fellow, trying to keep his lodge together, repairing any damage that an unknown “evil” force is doing to it during the night. Survive the nights and look for clues.

Download: iOS | Android

Paranormal Activity: Sanctuary

This one is an augmented reality game where the real-world map of your neighborhood will be splashed with color depending on how evil or good the local magical charge is. The Paranormal Activity movies showed us that evil spirits are all around us, but this iOS game lets you fight back. You can then cast spells and photograph pentagrams to battle for your side.

Download: iOS | Android

Eyes: The Horror Game

Eyes is a spooky game played from a first-person perspective. The objective is to break into an abandoned haunted mansion, collect money, and get out. Easy? Finding and collecting bags of cash isn’t easy. You will need to search for them inside wooden cupboards and safes, which can be opened with a key. So before grabbing bags of cash, find the correct key. It can get creepier if you start hearing bloodcurdling sounds. Eyes may be the creepiest horror game you ever play.

Download: iOS | Android

Blood Marry

Possibly the only augmented-reality horror game on Android. A player may even catch a glimpse of a ghost if he points the phone at the right place and time. This unique gameplay feature makes your ghost-hunting experience extremely frightening. The game has multiple endings and each ending will be based on the choices made by a player. The real-time day/night cycle and the dynamic events will keep you glued to your Device. New chapters are added with updates.

Download: iOS | Android

The Abandoned School

A black-and-white survival horror game, The Abandoned School can get really scary if played with headphones on. You play the role of a schoolboy who wants to solve the mystery behind the suspicious deaths of his girlfriend and brother. Solve puzzles, and unearth a shocking truth about past memories associated with the abandoned school. The game can get really scary if you keep on wandering around the school corridors.

Download: iOS | Android

We’d love to add some your favorites in the list.

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