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Hack Pokemon Go using Tutuapp Android without Root

There are several hacks out there for pokemon go but most of them are for Rooted android phone. I have researched and found a an easy way to hack pokemon go using tutuapp without root access on your Android phone. In this tutorial, i will show you the real life walking hack in Pokemon Go with tutuapp. A lot of developers have realeased hacks for pokemon go but now most of them don’t work. Seems the Niantec have been filling out the loop holes in the game with every new update.

You must be thinking that, What is tutuapp?. Whether it is an app or some hack. Tutuapp is a Chinese appstore or online inventory from where you can download millions of cracked free apps and games.  IT is also called Bunny Assistant and it has a Rabbit as its logo. What I will show you today is how you can download Pokemon GO tutuapp for android and hack real life walking in pokemon go.

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pokemon go walking hack android

Hack Pokemon GO Tutuapp Method for Android

You may be pretty well familiar with PokemonGoAnywhere. The hack is used for tap to walk in pokemon go. But this does not works now as reported by users. So, to hack pokemon walking you need to download tutuapp and install pokemon go and then it will hack the pokemon go real life walking.

An emulator control joystick buttons will appear in the game. You can walk or run by pressing the emulator joystick in Pokemon Go. You can also install iOS without Jailbreak.

Please Remember one thing that this a modded hacked pokemon go version and there aren’t 100% chances that it will work perfectly on your device. You may find some problems installing it or playing. If it works for you then well and good but if it doesn’t then do remember this is a modded version not the official one.

Now let us start the work we are all here for. Follow the steps below to hack pokemon walking in real life.

This is old post. Tutuapp Pokemon Go hack is not working right now. It is providing regular pokemon go version because niantec has updated its anti hacking system. Subscribe to get update on when pokemon go tutuapp hack is available. But for now you can install Fly GPS hack for Pokemon Go.

Fly GPS Hack Pokemon Go

Real Life Walking Hack in Pokemon Go with Tutuapp

Below are the steps you should follow in order to do the trick.


  • Unlock your Android phone or tablet’



  • Download Tutuapp apk from above download button.


  • Once tutuapp is downloaded. Go to settings>>security and enable unknown sources. Skip if already enabled.
  • Now install tutuapp that you have downloaded earlier.


  • Now open the tutu app. On the top you will see Pokemon Go app. Tap on the green button right next to it.
  • The device prompt you to open it in browser. Select any browser and the link will open. Now Pokemon GO app will start to download. If it asks you to download then select yes.

Pokemon GO tutuapp android hack


  • Once the Game is downloaded. Tap on it and install. Now go to the apps drawer and open this chinese Pokemon Go

Note: In My Case below case doesn’t appear. But if it does then do the following.

  • When you open the app. A list of apps will appear to be enabled. Search the Pokemon go app that you have downloaded just now which you are running now.
  • Enable it and tap the back key.

Pokemon GO tutuapp android hack


Done!!. Pokemon Go will now run with joystick appearing on the screen. Sign in with your ID. And run in pokemon go with joystick without actually walking.

Pokemon GO tutuapp android hack

  • There is a sidebar popup appearing on the left top. These are i think some other hacks. You can check them out while playing the game.
  • Happy Pokemon Go Playing.!!

Note: You may have problem signing in with your Google Account. It is reported to stuck at loading animation. So, in order to sign in correctly you have to sign in with Pokemon trainer account. If you don’t have one then go here and make new.

About Tutuapp pokemon go

Pokemon go tutuapp is a hack for android. It lets you bypass real life walking and gives you joystick. So, you can play pokemon without actually moving.

That is it guys. You have hacked pokemon go walking. Hope you like Pokemon Go Tutuapp Android hack. If you have any questions drop a comment below. Please share it and subscribe to our blog. Bye !!.

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  1. Hi, i downloaded the tutu pokemon go on my android device, and there’s no hack or modified version with the joystick. is there another option to get the mod version on my android?

  2. is there a risk to get banned if you teleport but nether touch a pokestop or open a arena? just walking for searchng pokemons an teleport back with it to catch it?

  3. After installing and opening account via trainers club….. It always asks me to update and whenever I clicks on it… It takes me to play store…. Now what shall I do?
    Bhai pls help kr de

  4. Hi, I have a problem. Everytime I try to open the chinese pokemon go, it says something about installing a new update (I can’t go on without it). When I click the link, it takes me to play store. Apparently I can’t download both chinese pokemon and regular pokemon go at the same time.
    What should I do?

  5. dude when i open da pokemon app it says new update availible so i go to update it but there it says it is not present i india so what can i do

  6. Hi Guys, I have a problem with my google account. Don`t let me sing in and the game don`t run normally. If i create a pokemon trainer account i have to begin from level 1?

  7. i have been facing a prob since long..i am unable to login throgh google login in PoGo.. Please help.. let me know if tutu limited for PTC login users only 🙁 ?

  8. why does it keep crashing on kitkat 4.4
    ive installed tutuapp and the pokemon go at the same time but when i start it always keep on crashing
    it doesnt even start at the birthday screen,
    it works 1st time and thats it, i uninstalled both of them and reinstall them, clear cache but still it crash

  9. Dude the owner here is not answering our question about the joystick and the settings at the upper left of the screen, we are all asking the same question but still he is not answering!!!!!! what’s the problem dude
    I am using oppo f1s Lollipop

  10. I already install tutuapp n install pokemon go 0.35.0 n successfully login to the game. The joystick are there too. But there is no pokestop around.. its only show an empty map. Is there any step i miss? Or is the software crashed?

  11. Faiq
    when will the update be for us to be able to log-in using Gmail accounts? i know using the pokemon trainer log-in can prevent our main account from getting ban.
    but some of us have gmail accounts only..

    hoping for a quick and safe update!

    good luck guys! happy hunting!

  12. Hey Ahmed help pls. Every time I open pokemon go which I downloaded in tutuapp it always says GPS not found how can I fix it… I already use high accuracy

  13. It works perfect, but I would like to set an startpoint in another place in the world, it always starts in california. Is there any way to do it? If I start in California and change my location to south america, they banned me.

  14. I want to sign in with Google account but it is not allowing to do so . It gets hanged . Please show me a solution

  15. I have installed the app 3x but still it crashes. I also uninstalled the REAL pokemon go app but it still didn’t work/ restart the phone still didnt work.

    • Same here: downloaded the apk but whenever i click install it says installing… andt hen it says it didnt install

  16. why I cannot log in my acc? both google and pokemon trainer club ? I’ve waiting so long but still cannot log in ?

    • Hi Faiq i already download the chinese pokemon Go and already install but i cant open the apps what should i do ? thank you for help.

  17. By the way thanks for the app. Anyway i had a problem with the search options, i coudn’t search any locations in the search box. Can u pls help. Ty.

  18. Is there a way to change my home coordinates because i live in asia but my home is stuck in US so i will always get softbaned trying to teleport to my country

  19. Hi, I’ve downloaded it, set up a new account was going around my area using poke stops was working fine, teleported to another country then came back to my location now when I go to poke stops it just spins & no poke balls come out..

  20. Hei, I’ve a problemi. I install Pokémon go app through tutuapp and then sign in with Pokémon trainer account but appear to me that is impossible to identfy my location and so i can’t open pokestop or catch Pokémon, only walk… How can i resolve this? Thanks.

  21. Hi Faiq, is there any ways to locked down with our location instead of San Fransisco? Bcoz anytime I login, always appear back to SF. Thanks.

  22. Ive downloaded and installed the tutuapp, also downloaded the pokemon go chinese thing but it wont install. It always say did not install. What should I do?

  23. Step 6 didn’t work for me! 🙁 I looks like it’s downloading and then it suddenly stops and says app not downloaded. What can I do now?

  24. Faiq. I have it installed and it works great. But it has me on the west coast and I’m on the east coast. What the heck is going on?

  25. It seems the app is completely working but everytime i tick the joystick my character doesn’t move. And when i change my phase to run. The game will crash. Please help thanks

          • So I have an Android device and my friend an Apple device. We both downloaded the version of this hacked app for our respective phones. However, I had to start a new account with Pokémon Trainer Club and lost all my progress (already level 24 but in a very rural area and physically unable to complete a Pokédex). She was able to sign in on iOS through her Google account though. Any ideas why it would work for her and not me? I’d prefer to not have to start over from the beginning…

          • I am having the same problem, I got 2 Android phones, one already has a google account, and the other is linked with my first Andriod phone. And I could play Pokemon Go on both phones easliy, is there a way to link Pokemon Trainer Club with your Google account ?

          • Every Hack that you use is against the Pokemon Go and Niantec terms and conditions not just the tutuapp. If Niantec catches you using any hack whether it is tutuapp or any other, it may soft ban you.
            These hack are for educatinal and fun purposes only. We do not take any responsibility. Install at your own risk.

  26. I’m not able to find Pokemon go on tutu app… It’s showing different games but not Pokemon go.. please help me..!

  27. I accidentally uninstalled the Pokemon Go from tutu and now I can’t find out how to reinstall it. When I look for it on the tutu app, it is nowhere to be found. Anyone know how to help? I’m on an Android phone

    • Uninstall the tutuapp, google tutuapp, and click the link in chinese. Click on the android logo on the top-right, then the big green button.
      This will install the tutuapp, yet again. My version had the app, so please respond that this doesn’t work and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

  28. Hello, I Was able to DL the Tutuapp, and open the app. But It does not gI’ve me the option to DL the pokemon go app. It only shows some Pikachu and other dragon apps. Any suggestions?

  29. I downloaded the tutu app on my android but wen i gry to install the pokeman app it wontdownload can someobe help me

  30. So I have trouble setting my cordinates before I log in , I can’t get the negative sign on the cordinates idk how to to put in a negative sign into the cordinates . If you guys know how please let me know

  31. force closed for me i dont know why i have andriod lollipop 5.1.1 xperia i hope tutuapp will update for some issue “force close” “shutting down”

    if you have any idea what should i do just reply

    “I used to clear data and clear cache of this app” is there other way to stop this crashing of app ??

  32. I downloaded tutuapp and pokemon go but when i installed it and made a new trainer account and after that it says update your pokemon go but tutuapp doesnt have any updated pokemon go still any link any help???

  33. Its showing ‘Update to continue” so i am unable to play Pokemon go tutu app hack but i have only installed Pokemon go tutu hack plz help

  34. There is a update version 0.33.0, so it doesn’t seem to let me log in without the update, when will there be an updated version?

  35. At this moment, the tutuapp pokemon go pops up a new update which is now i cant play because the actual App requires a new update.

  36. i have downloaded it all fine, but when i click on the joystick nothing happens? the joystick is on my screen but appears just to not work?

  37. Hi,this work fine until i uninstall the pokemon go chinese and tried to re-download it…when i tried to download the pokemon go thru the tutuapps..the download got stucked….how do i solve this?

  38. Sir. I was able to use this just last night till level12 woth a new account from pokeclub. But somehow I cant seem to flip pokestops and all the wild pokemon ive encountered breaks free from the ball and immediately flee. Why is this? Even using the same account with the real unmodded pokemon go app from niantic, the problem is still there. Please help.

    • when that happens that means your account is locked. If you teleport, press the home button, or drive somewhere to fast the account can get locked until it catches up. The most I/ve ever been locked is 3 hours.

  39. After i downloaded the pokemon go app from tutuapp. It says: can not open file. I already removed the original pokemon go. What to do?

    • This may be, if file is incompletely download or you may not have enabled unknown sources from settings. Download it again, enable unknown sources and then install again.

  40. The first time i open the app everything works fine, but now the app is closing everytime i go in to the game. Anyone tips for me?

  41. Worked perfectly as said in tutorial, made pkmn trainers account, did Pogo tutorial, wholr screen is blue and I don’t know where I am

  42. When I hit install on the downloads app it loads for a few minutes then says “app not installed” how do i fix this?

  43. For those of you trying to sign in with gmail, it’s not possible on modded versions of the game. You’ll have to sign in with your PokeClub account (create one if you don’t have one). I’ve made a few modded versions myself, trying to find a work around for this, but to No avail. Everything works as it should, and until Niantic pulls their heads out of their asses, this is a decent way to still somewhat enjoy the game.

    • If you read what he said, Google accounts atm don’t work. Hopefully, Tutu fixes it, but unfortunately, this is where you’ll be for a while.

  44. Hello,
    I’m using asus zenfone 5 and i already install the chinese pokemon go, but when i log in with my google account it wont entering the game..
    I already reinstall the game few times, but still the same.
    How can i fix this?

  45. Thanks for the walkthrouh. I got it installed and all, but when i try and sign in, it just loads forever, and never seems to sign in.
    I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S6
    Please help. Thank you a lot

    • How were you able to get it on your phone? Everytime I try to download feng pokemon go it says the app didn’t install after saying it was blocked and asking if I want to install anyway and I said yes. And I already have allowed third party sources to download on my phone. I can’t find anything for the Samsung Galaxy S6.

  46. You need to Uninstall the original app of pokemon before you download this otherwise it will tell you app failed or not installed

  47. Hi. I installed the game and I entered my account . then does not go more than anything, it starts to load but I can’t play . why? I have a lg g3 .
    hello and congratulations

  48. Thanks for the walkthrough. When I am installing the Pokemon Go app I am getting message App not installed.

    I am using OnePlus 2 phone running Android 6.

    • I ran into this issue too and was able to get around it by uninstalling my US version of Pokémon go and then installing the hacked version. I have to install/uninstall anytime I want to switch versions.

  49. Hello,
    I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 and when the pokemon go app is downloaded, I can’t install it. I can press on the instalbuton, but then it sais it faild.

    How can Ik solve this problem?


    • You need to uninstall the original pokemon go app first it won’t let you have 2 pokemon go apps simultaneously I tried 9 downloads before I figured this out

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