Download Fly GPS 4.0.5 [Pokemon Go Hack] apk

If you want to download FLY GPS apk pokemon go hack then you are at the right place. I will show you to install fly gps 4.0.5 apk and its latest versions and make them work to spoof gps location.

The previous version of Fly GPS that I wrote an article about was 4.0.2. Now the newer version is available i,e Fly GPS 4.0.5. It is an app that lets you spoof location on Pokemon Go and gives you the joystick. I have used this app with Pokemon Go. It works perfect and the joystick is amazing. Nowadays tutuapp hack is not working but it will update with some time. You can use Fly Gps instead of tutuapp. It works with every new version on Pokemon Go.

There are some other gps hacks for pokemon go but this fake Gps or fly-gps apk hack is the best one as this allows you to have Joystick on your screen and complete GPS Spoofing. I will show you the full steps to download it via apk file and how to use it properly. Also checkout tutuapp to download free apps.

Fly GPS Apk

The newer version of Fly Gps comes with more stability on Pokemon Go with crash fixes and bug fixes. As you know that the developer of Pokemon Go is strictly against hacks. And with every new update. They flush out all the hacks on Pokemon Go like tutuapp. And you must remember that these hacks may get you softban for some time.

Fly GPS 4.0.5 can be downloaded from the link below. The instructions are provided below to install it on your Android device. Without any further talking let us start the download and installation of Fly GPS hack. You may want to have a look at new Super Mario Run by Nintendo.

Fly Gps is the one and only hack for Pokemon Go that works. It gives you joystick and at the same time lets you spoof gps. And now it is again available on Google Play Store. You can download it from Google play directly. Link is below for both manual apk file and google play file.

Download Fly GPS apk Latest Version

Other Latest Versions

These are latest versions of Fly gps which you can download to spoof your gps location.

Fly GPS 5.0.8.apk
Fly GPS 5.0.5
Fly GPS 5.0.0

You may check Pokemon Go++ hack also.

Also check out another similar app, Fake Gps APk.

How to Install Fly GPS 4.0.5 apk

These are the steps to download this hack on your phone.


  • Unlock you android device and connect to an internet connection.


  • Download Fly Gps 4.0.5
  • apk file from the link above.


  • Meanwhile, Go to Settings>>Security. Scroll down here and enable and option named Unknown Sources.


  • Now go back. Open the downloads folder and find Fly Gps app that you just downloaded.
  • Tap on it and hit Install.


  • Once it is installed. You can use it.
  • To know how to use and get this Fake/Fly GPS Pokemon Go hack to work. Follow the detailed instructions given in this article.
  • All Done!!

About Fly GPS Apk

Fly gps for android is an app that fakes the location coordinates and let you spoof the gps. It has been very popular for Pokemon Go because of a real time walking game based on geolocation. And fly gps helps users of Pokemon go to spoof location and catch different pokemons. Moreover Fly GPS has joystick that lets you move without actually walking while playing Pokemon Go.

That is it Guys. Hope you like Fly GPS 4.0.5 Pokemon Go Hack latest. Drop your comments below. Please share it and subscribe.

Faiq Ahmed

Faiq Ahmed loves Android OS and he is an Android Geek. He has owned an Android phone since 8th grade. Currently doing BS Computer Science.

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30 Responses

  1. Rajesh says:

    It’s not working on nougat 7.1.1
    Any other option?


    Does not work on android 6.0.1

  3. Hari says:

    Does not work on Android 7.1.1 , any other solutions.

  4. David says:

    It fails to detect location

  5. Izzy lover says:

    Its called android level __security patch

  6. Izzy lover says:

    It went work because of new andriod update

  7. Izzy lover says:

    You guys it docent work on new andriod update

  8. Joesph says:

    Failed to detect location ever since my note 4 had a software update how do i fix pkease help me its for my 5 yr old boy

  9. Lisa Grimm says:

    After the new go update is now taking to detect my location no matter what I do

  10. brellulanti says:

    I also get “failed to detect location”.

  11. twila kerns says:

    Stopped working something about moxk mode

  12. Melissa says:

    Din work for me.its show failed to dectect location..

  13. Johan says:

    Not working on android 7.0.. fucking updates!

  14. MasterBarboach says:

    My phone now locks itself whilst I’m using it after installing this app? Maybe don’t.

  15. Vale says:

    No me deja usarlo. Cada vez que activo “permitir ubicaciones falsas” sale q no se detecta ubicacion en pokemon go.

  16. denisj says:

    How to hack Pokemon go on lollipop plzz

  17. Hajah Kamara says:

    Do tablets have mock gps? I can’t unlock it

  18. Carlos says:

    My Pokemon go says failed to detect location. What did I do wrong or did I miss a step?

  19. Jack says:

    Is fly gps working? I tried to the targeted city but cant take whatever is there.. Even after spinning for more than 40 times.

  20. eric says:

    working for which version of android?

  21. Phil says:

    Thanks i was able to get the joystick back for those struggling with it make sure you take off auto update on the app so it never updates and stay with the app also this new version makes my player go slow he doesnt run anymore whyy??

  22. Renay says:

    I meant does fly gps 4.0.6 work for pokemon go?

  23. Art says:

    I tried it went back to previous version, it was more stable, with these i get soft banned every couple of minutes

  24. Tyler says:

    Won’t let me use pokestop or catch any pokemon they break free and run after 1 throw

  25. Pmv says:

    Please write an article on how to hack whatsapp

  26. Clayton says:

    working in android 5.2?

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