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Download Google Play Store Manually / On Chinese One Plus Devices

Here’s how to install the Google Play Store, Play Services manually on any Android device. Also, how to get Google Play Store app on Chinese One Plus devices. You can install the Play Store and Apps on OnePlus One, 2, 3, 3T and all other upcoming phones. China has certain restrictions when it comes to operations for software companies within the territories.

Android smartphones in China come with no Google Play Store installed. We’ll also help you find Play Store Alternatives, so, that you can download the apps you want for your Android device.

Manually Installing Google Play Store apk

First of all check which version you already have. Then download the next version. The Google Play Store comes in APK format like any other Android app. You can get the latest Google Play Store version from here.

Make sure the unknown sources installation option is enabled. When disabled, it prevents users from installing applications from anywhere aside from the Google Play Store. If Unknown Sources isn’t in the Security settings, try finding it in the Privacy settings or Apps settings.

Get a file manager and install the Google Play Store. We recommend ES File Explorer you can get it here.

Now that you have the latest Google Play Store you can enjoy the latest changes and features. This method will work on almost any Android device but there may be slight variances depending on your Android version and OEM.

Make sure you transfer the APK to your device to somewhere you’ll remember if you downloaded it on your computer. Open your file browser and navigate to wherever you put the Google Play Store APK. Once you find the APK, click on it, and hit install.

Google Play Store for Chinese One Plus Devices

On most of the Android phones in China, you can manually install the Google Play Store using some custom methods. It involves installation of Play Store either through a Google Installer or through a custom ROM. The first option is very easy to follow, the 2nd one can get you stuck at times.

As far as the OnePlus One smartphones are concerned, the 2nd option works in the form of flashing a stock ROM. Chinese OnePlus One phones run on Hydrogen OS. This specific version of OnePlus Android firmware doesn’t contain anything Google. The same company makes the use of Oxygen OS on all of its smartphones outside China and they all have Play Services, Play Store etc.

All you gotta do is install this Oxygen OS on your OnePlus Chinese phone and get the Google Apps running on it. All you need is a custom recovery running on your phone and then you need to flash a stock file of Oxygen OS.

Backup all your important data like contacts, call logs, text messages and Follow the procedure carefully to avoid any mishap. Also, make sure your OnePlus has enough Charging.

Step by Step Procedure

1. Download and install TWRP recovery on your OnePlus phone:

2. Now download the latest official Oxygen OS from official OnePlus firmwares page.

3. Next, copy the firmware file to your OnePlus’s SD card.

4. Boot your OnePlus phone into TWRP recovery. To do so, Press and Hold Volume Down + Power Key.

5. In TWRP, tap Install > Locate the OnePlus Oxygen OS firmware file > Swipe to confirm > Flash the file.

6. After flashing the file, reboot your phone.

7. You will have Oxygen OS running on your phone with all the GApps.

Google Play Store Alternatives

If you don’t wanna replace Hydrogen OS with Oxygen OS, you can fulfill your apps needs with these three Alternatives to Google Play Store.

1. Baidu App Store

Baidu App Store is available for Android. As with most on this list, there’s also a website for installing Android ‘.apk’ files.

Go here

2. Tencent App Gem

Tencent is China’s social media giant, with nearly 700 million monthly active users on its WeChat messaging app.

Go here

3. Xiaomi App Store

This isn’t limited to Xiaomi phones. It’s also available as a web app and an Android app that can be installed on any Android device.


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