If your Pokemon go addiction is still at the peak then I may have one of the best joystick and location spoofer hack for you. It is called Fake GPS Apk hack. This app is pretty similar to fly gps that is a very popular hack for pokemongo. You can also use this Fake GPS app with any other app to fake the real location and appear any where you like.

There are some other hacks like tutuapp, pokego++ but fake gps apk location spoofer is the easiest one to use. You can install this app on your, set the mock location, launch the fake gps go apk app and that’s it.

Fake GPS Apk Location Spoof and Joystick

Fake GPS Go apk will let you bypass your real location. You can set your location to anywhere in the world by putting coordinates or just the name of a place. I will give you the link to downlaod this app for free. You can install it bu following the instructions below.

Onething you should always consider while using fake gps apk is that these types of hacks may get your account softban in pokemon go. And it is also not necessary that this hack would definitely work for you. With every update of the game, the security gets high and developers fix the vulnerability which means these hacks won’t work. However, you can still try this, if this works then well and good.

To install the fake gps Pokemon go hack, you need to download the fake gps go apk file. Then after that you can follow the installation instructions.

How to Install Fake GPS Apk Location Spoof App

Follow these steps to install this app.

  1. First of all. Download the fake gps apk file from below download link for free.
  2. Then Install this apk file on your phone. (for installing apk file, you first need to go to Settings>>Security and enable Unknown sources. Skip if already enabled.)
  3. Now after you have installed the Fake GPS Location Spoofer free app. You need to allow mock locations for it.
  4. Go to Settings>>About Phone. Here tap on Build No seven times. This will enable developer options on your phone.
  5. Now go to Developer Options and enable these. Scroll down to set mock location app. Set the mock location app to Fake GPS.
  6. After above steps are done accordingly. Launch the Fake GPS Go app.
  7. Chose any location you.
  8. Enjoy. Happy location spoofing.

Download Fake GPS Apk

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Tap on the button below and download the apk file. Then follow the above instructions to install and use this app.


So that is everything you need to do to download fake gps apk location spoof+joystick app. Share it and subscribe to our blog for more free apk hacks. Do comment below for any query. Bye, Take Care.

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  1. I couldn’t get this to work for me on my Note 8. I follow the steps and when I open Pokémon Go I receive a warning to uninstall GPS location software.

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