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How to Use Tech for Writing Tasks [Best Content Tools]

If we were to name one skill that has been paramount to humans, it has to be writing. Through writing, information has been transferred not only from one place to another but also from one generation to the next.

Just think about our daily routines. Many of the functions we perform at offices require writing. Interactions with loved ones and colleagues who are not within our physical proximity also involve writing.

Given how important writing is, it makes complete sense for us to know exactly how we can use technology to enhance it. Realizing this fact, we have come up with a listicle of some of the most important applications of technology that help us with all kinds of writing tasks, ranging from small briefs to long academic papers.

However, before delving into each one of the applications of technology, let us stress something which is vital for taking full advantage of these tools.

best content tools

A Worthy Digression

All the tools that we will be mentioning below are, in fact, online tools. To ensure maximum productivity, you should make sure that the internet connection at your place is one that features high speeds consistently. In case you are not subscribed to such a service, we would suggest subscribing to Xfinity’s internet. Not only does the brand provide speedy coverage but it is also ready to help whenever you have an issue with the connection through its renowned Xfinity customer service department.

Top Tools for Writing

Now that we have explained to you how important fast internet is and how to get hold of it, let us move to the top writing tools you can use that internet for:


You are indeed living under a rock in case you have not heard about Grammarly as of yet. The app is extremely common among people of all professions, especially in the copy and content-writing fields.

And for good reason. With Grammarly, you do not have to worry at all about any kind of grammatical, punctuation, or spelling errors. All you need to do is type and once you are done with the piece of writing you can run it through Grammarly for not only identification of any of those errors but also suggestions to improve them.
Grammarly does have a Paid and an Unpaid version. The Unpaid version does everything that we have stated above. Alongside all the aforementioned functions, the Paid version also suggests improvements for sentence structure errors.


Quillbot is an app that rephrases already-written text. This is especially useful in the search engine optimization field where it is often helpful to create content in bulk.
Like Grammarly, Quillbot also runs on a freemium model. In the Unpaid version, you can paraphrase a certain text in one tone. On the other hand, in the Paid version, also known as Grammarly Premium, you can rephrase texts in multiple tones including but not limited to Formal, Creative, Shortened, and Expanded versions.


ChatGPT is a natural language processing tool that has been able to achieve what no other company could – garnering 100 million users within the first sixty days of its launch. And for everyone wondering how all that has been possible, well, the simple answer is massive resourcefulness.
No matter you want to write an email to your boss informing them that you will be late for work or you want to go ahead or draft an entire academic paper, ChatGPT will get the job done for you within a matter of seconds. The draft you will receive will be structured and phrased well. However, there would be some editing left to be done.
To top all of its amazing features off, ChatGPT costs you zero dollars! For faster response times, you can subscribe to ChatGPT Plus which costs a total of 20 dollars per month.

Wrapping Up

We would, indeed, be remiss if we had said that the tools above are the ones that substantially help you with writing. However, it is completely true that by having an idea of the three very different writing tools, you must now have a better picture of the extent to which technology can help with writing. Happy writing!

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