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Inject Cheackra1n Jailbreak iPhone using a Rooted Android Phone

You can now run Checkra1n Jailbreak on iPhone using your rooted Android phone. Well this is quite interesting, for a geek like me. I just read a post today on reddit, a user jailbroke his iPhone from a rooted android phone by running Checkra1n on it. Yes it is true. You just need an iPhone, an android phone and the connectors to connect the two phones with each other.

Using an Android phone to run Checkra1n on iPhone can be done easily if you follow these steps here carefully. First your Android phone needs to be rooted, then you need Checkrain binary for Linux, a terminal app on your Android phone, a data cable for your iPhone and a USB Type A to Type C or B connecter which will connect your iPhone’s data cable to your Android. Now, follow these steps to do so.

Run Checkra1n from an Android Phone

The reddit user has done this on an iPhone SE, but assuming the that the process is same, you can also do it on any iPhone, iPad or iPod compatible with Cheackrain Jailbreak.

run checkrain jailbreak from android phone on iphone

Now, there are some pre requisites you need to do for things to get start. Have a look at them.


  • Have an iPhone
  • Compatible models with Checkra1n are, iPhone 5s upto iPhone X running iOS 12.3 upto the latest version.
  • A rooted Android Phone. (If your phone is not rooted then follow our Android Rooting Guide without PC)
  • A USB Type C or B to Type A connector switch for your Android phone. It will be connecting iPhone Data Cable which will in turn be connected iPhone.
  • Checakra1n Binary, link to download is below.

Read the pre requisites carefully. Now we can proceed to further steps. This method to run checkra1n jailbreak on iPhone from Android device is not completely reliable. The PC or Mac is the best solution to do this but you can give it a try, it would be a fun experience for you.

How to Run Checkra1n using an Android Phone to Jailbreak iPhone

Follow these below steps carefully one by one. If you get confused at any step, read it again and again or ask in the comments section.

  1. First Download Checkra1n Binary for linux which is correct for your phone’s µarch (micro architecture). You can check your phone’s architecture with this app.
  2. After downloading the Checkrain Binary, place it into “/data” folder in internal storage of your Android phone.
  3. Now, connect your iOS device to the Android device using the Data cable and connector switch.
  4. Open the terminal app on your rooted android phone. (You can use Termux as a terminal app)
  5. Type the command “su” in terminal to gain super user root access.
  6. Now type the command “Isusb” ,if the USB id displayed is “05ac:12a8″, then your phone is connected successfully. If not then, repeat the process again to this point.
  7. Now put your iPhone into DFU mode.
  8. Now again run “Isusb” command. Check that usb id is “05ac:1227“. If it is the same then you are good to go, other wise repeat the process again.
  9. Now the final step to run Checkra1n from your Android phone. Type this command, ./checkra1n -c”.
  10. After running the above command, you jailbreaking of your iPhone will start. Disconnect the phone when it is done.
  11. If you are successful then great. If not then try try again.

So this is it, i hope you got enough information on how to run Checkra1n Jailbreak on iPhone using Android phone. If you have any questions then ask in the comments section below.

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