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How to Root an Android device without PC

Android is an open source OS. Rooting is a procedure where one can cross over the limitations and get full access to the OS. There are many benefits of rooting Android Smartphones. You can access all files of your mobile, whether they are present in the root3 directory of your storage or anywhere else. You can Edit or Delete any system file. Increase your mobile performance by over clocking it, by changing the frequency of CPU of your android mobile.

You can increase battery life, by under clocking CPU of your android mobile, which will let your phone battery for long time. Also, you can flash several custom roms to change feel of your android version like CyanogenMod or AOSP or Eye Candy ROM MIUI. You can access some of the best apps which you can use after root4ing it only. Internal Memory can also be increased after root5ing your android mobile.

There are various methods available to root6 your android devices easily. Here we have shared some methods you can use to root7 your device without any need of PC. Let’s have a look!

Before Root8ing Your Android Device

  • Make sure to create backup of your android device. So that, if you face any problem you can restore your data.
  • Verify your device model number.
    Realize that root9ing voids your warranty.
  • From Security, in the Settings menu, enable Unknown Sources so you can download and install apps outside of those in the Google-Play store.
    Charge your phone.
  • Enable USB debugging. Tap build number 7 times to enable developer options.


FramaRoot11 is the top-most app which comes on Rank 1 when we talk about root12ing Android Smartphones without PC. This app has root13ed thousands of devices. Framaroot14 has many exploits to root15 any android device without PC/Computer. Most of the exploits of Framaroot16 are created for MTK chipset android phones though.

Follow below method to Root17 your device 

  1. Download Framaroot18 from the given link and Install it.
  2. Launch it from app drawer now.
  3. Click on Boromir and Wait until It does not show Su Installed successfully.

In case, It shows Exploit failed error, then you have to try any other app to root19 your android device.


KingRoot21 is Chinese, although a lot of English is used in the APK version. Unless you want the exclusively Chinese version, we recommend using the APK (Android) version that can be downloaded directly to your phone.

Follow below method to Root22 your device

  1. Download and install the Kingroot23 APK on your Android.
  2. Launch KingRoot24 from your app drawer once installation is finished.
  3. Ensure that you can see the Start Root25 button at the bottom of the display. This tells you that your device is supported.
  4. Tap the Start button to begin root26ing. Once root27ing is complete, you should see Success!

Z4 Root28

This is one of the oldest app to root29 android devices mobile without needing computer or pc. This application is developed by one the member of XDA. This Z4 Root30 application can root31 almost every android mobile chipset . If you have the android mobile from the company xolo, lava, micromax, spice then you must try this root32 android without pc application. The app is very simple and straightforward in its operation and everyone can use it without any hassle.

Follow below method to Root33 your device

  1. Download Z4 Root34 from the link.
  2. Once, you have successfully downloaded iRoot35 APK file, install it.
  3. Now, Launch iRoot36 on your android phone.
  4. Tap, I agree and click on Root37 button.


iRoot39 is one of the best android app to root40 an android without computer. Its a Chinese app, but there are many mods available for this app in English version. In many, last years, iRoot41 made a great position its users as they are continously providing updates to its users to support more newer models too. iRoot42 APK is developed by the developers of Vroot43 to provides more flexibility to users.

Follow below method to Root44 your device

  1. Download iRoot45 from the link.
  2. Once, you have successfully downloaded iRoot46 APK file, install it.
  3. Now, Launch iRoot47 on your android phone.
    Tap, I agree and click on Root48 button.


KingoRoot50 helps you root51 your Android phone without PC. This app, works on many Smartphones. You need working Internet Connection, because this app will download the latest script from their servers before root52ing your phone. So, while root53ing the phone, use your Mobile data or WiFi.

Follow below method to Root54 your device

  1. Download the app KingoRoot55 here.
  2. Launch Kingoroot56 app from app menu.
  3. Hit ROOT57 and wait for bar to reach hundred.

Baidu Root58

A popular app which is available for both PC and mobile to root59 android devices. BaiduRoot60 can root61 almost every device (BaiduRoot62 supports more than 6000 devices currently). Moreover, Baidu Root63 has its own su permission app which is different from SuperSU.

Follow below method to Root64 your device

  1. Download Baidu Root65 APK here.
  2. Install APK in your android phone now.
  3. Launch Baidu Root66 app now.
  4. Next, Click on Root67 button and wait till success bar reaches to 100%.
  5. Reboot your android device and look for Baidu Root68 app in the app drawer.

Towel Root69

You can root70 most of the HTC devices like HTC One M7 without using PC. Towel Root71 has good success rate in root72ing most of android smartphones without computer. This APK has got success in root73ing many other devices too.

Follow below method to Root74 your device

  1. Download Towel Root75 from this link.
  2. Install it on your android device.
  3. Open Towel Root76 and click on Make it Rain.
  4.  It will take some minutes to install Su library in your android device.

Which app did the job on your Android device?

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