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Pokemon Go++ for iOS iPA Download [Working PokeGo++ 2024]

The latest Pokemon Go++ ipa also known as Poke Go++ iOS is now available to download. The latest PokeGo++ ipa version is out. You can download and install it on your phone. With this pokemon go joystick and gps spoofer you will have joystick for bypassing real life walking. There are much more features offered in this like fake gps location etc. If you have an Android then download Pokemon GO++  spoofer for Android.

Pokemon Go is a reality augmented game developed by Niantic Inc and was the most popular and most downloaded game of 2016. The reason why Pokemon Go++  is used because Pokemon Go requires real life walking through GPS in order to catch the pokemons. Most of the peoples just want to stick around at one place while playing the game. So, this problem can be solved by downloading Pokemon Go++ IPA for iOS. It gives in game joystick and gps location spoofing enabling you to move around in the game while staying at rest.

Poke Go++ iOS Download

Pokémon Go++ is an enhanced version of the popular augmented reality game, Pokémon Go. It offers a unique gaming experience giving features that are not available in the standard version.

In Pokémon Go++, players can enjoy exciting enhancements like real-time tracking, joystick navigation, and the ability to teleport to any location, all of which add an extra layer of excitement to the game.

To download Poke Go++ ipa iOS, you need to download the ipa file from below links. Then afterwards you can install the ipa file using Cydia Impactor tool. Detailed installation instructions are further down.

App Name Pokemon Go++
Package IPA
iOS Version 7, 8, 9, 10, 11-11.3-11.4, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16,17
App Version 0.297.0
Size 122 MB
Jan, 2024

Pokemon Go++ ipa is a modified version of Pokemon Go game. You need to uninstall previously installed pokemon game first to install. It is an ipa file which is default iOS supported app package. It can be installed manually on an iPhone, iPad or iPod.

PokeGo++ iOS Features

Some of the features of this app are below. Have a look at them.

  • GPS Location Bypass enabled.
  • Tap to walk anywhere in the game.
  • In game Joystick for walking around.
  • Pokemon Go++ also enables to view IV stats of Pokemons.
  • Patrol mode.
  • No jailbreak needed for installing this.
  • And some other features are also available which you will only get to know once you install the game.

Download Pokemon Go++ IPA Latest Version

Install the modified version of Pokemon Go ipa i.e, PokeGo++ from below download link.

PokeGo++.ipa v0.285.1

Install ipa file via Sideloadly or Altstore

Installation Instructions

Follow these instruction to install PokeGo++ ipa for iOS.

  • Download Pokemom Go++ iOS ipa package from below download links.
  • Now Install Cydia Impactor on your PC.
  • Connect your iPhone or iPad to PC.
  • Open cydia impactor. Navigate to Whatspad ipa file.
  • Drag that file and drop on cydia impactor. Now it will ask you to log in.
  • Log in to cydia impactor with your apple id.
  • After that, Pokemon Go++ ipa iOS will install on your phone with in a moment.
  • When done, disconnect the phone.

The app is installed on your phone but it will not work. So, the last step you have to do is to trust the developer profile of the app. Only after that the app will work properly. For this do these steps.

  • Go to Settings>>General>>Device Management or “Profiles and Device Management”.
  • Here you will have trusted and untrusted profiles of apps.
  • Trust the profile of the app you just recently installed.
  • Now launch the app.
  • You are good to go now.

Tips for Success

Mastering Pokemon Go++ requires skill and strategy. Here are some valuable tips to help you become a Pokemon Go++ pro.

1. Catch ‘Em All
In Pokemon Go++, the key to success is catching as many Pokemon as you can. The more Pokemon you catch, the more experience you gain. So, keep your eyes peeled for these critters.

2. Efficient Egg Hatching
Eggs hold the potential for rare and powerful Pokemon. To hatch them, walk the required distance, which can be achieved by using the joystick feature. This can be especially handy if you’re in a hurry.

3. Joystick Navigation
The joystick feature allows you to control your character’s movements more precisely. This can be incredibly helpful when hunting for elusive Pokemon.

4. Teleportation
One of the most exciting features of Pokemon Go++ is the ability to teleport to any location around the world. This feature lets you explore new regions and catch region-specific Pokemon without leaving your home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What devices are compatible with Pokemon Go++?

    Pokemon Go++ is available for both iOS and Android devices. However, you’ll need to follow specific installation instructions for each platform.

  2. The legality of using Pokemon Go++ may vary in different regions. It’s essential to research the regulations in your area to ensure you are compliant with local laws.

  3. Can I play Pokemon Go++ without risking a ban?

    While using Pokemon Go++, there is a risk of being banned by Niantic, the game’s developer. To avoid this, follow the guidelines provided by the Pokemon Go++ community to minimize the risk of a ban.

  4. How do I install Pokemon Go++?

    To install Pokemon Go++, you’ll need to download the modified version of the game from a trusted source. Follow the installation instructions carefully to ensure a smooth setup.

  5. Are there any in-app purchases in Pokemon Go++?

    Pokemon Go++ offers in-app purchases, much like the standard version. You can buy items and upgrades to enhance your gaming experience.

  6. Can I trade Pokemon with other players in Pokemon Go++?

    Currently, trading with other players is not a feature in Pokemon Go++. You can, however, trade Pokemon with others in the standard version of the game.

Pokemon Go++ takes the already thrilling world of Pokemon Go and enhances it with exciting features that add a new layer of adventure. With the ability to teleport, use a joystick, and real-time tracking, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a Pokemon master. Keep our tips and FAQs in mind to navigate this augmented reality universe with ease.

By now, you should have successfully installed PokeGo++ ios 17 or Pokemon Go++ ipa on your iPhone, iPad, iPod. If you didn’t then comment below the issues you are facing. Subscribe to our iPA library for more iOS apps and tweaks.

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  1. My phony phone died and when I tuned it back on it’s wouldnt load and I deleted it so now when I try to redownload it it won’t let me, can you help me please?

  2. My phone died and when it came back on it would t allow me to play it so I tried to delete it and redownlaod and now it’s not letting me, can you help?

  3. Hi,
    Since version 1.95.1 was released, after installing directly from the link, an icon other than Pokemon GO is displayed and it does not open the application.
    It would be very kind of you if you help me with this …
    Thank you.

  4. Any luck getting this Pokemon Go ++ to work? It’s been down since this morning. Thank you for all the hard work.

  5. Updated version still not working i.e. 1.89.2. After install, and trust source, app closes itself every time you run it.

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