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How to Set Default Apps in Marshmallow 6.0

Android Marshmallow 6.0 is the latest in the race of Android Operating systems. Users all over the world are enjoying this update for now. Some are waiting for Marshmallow to release for their devices and some have already got it. Android Marshmallow comes with a lot of new features, animations and performance upgrades. You can set the default apps for any operation in the Marshmallow OS and I think it is one of the most useful feature. Today I will show how you can Set Default Apps in Marshmallow OS.

It is pretty simple to change, select or manage default apps in Android Marshmallow. You can set your default apps by following the instructions below. I will show you the steps with pictures so that you are easily able to set default apps in Marshmallow 6.0. The steps are given below. Follow them as they are you will be good to go.

Set Default Apps in Marshmallow 6.0

You can set default apps in Marshmallow firmware very easily. If you are new to Android 6.0 OS then you should probably know how to use this feature. Below is the complete method to select Default Applications in Android Marshmallow update. Just follow the steps written below and enjoy.

Steps to Set Defaults Apps


  • First of all unlock your phone. Go the Apps Drawer and Open the Settings.


  • Navigate to the Device Section and Open the Apps option.


  • In the apps section, there will be a three vertically dotted option at the right corner in the top bar. Tap on that Option.


  • Another screen will appear after clicking the option. Now tap on the Default Apps option.


  • After clicking on default apps. A menu will appear showing your default apps. You can tap on any option to set the Default Application for it. And All Done!!!

Defaults Apps in Android Marshmallow




This was the method to set default apps in Marshmallow OS. Hope you like it and changed the defaults apps on your phone running on Android Marshmallow. You can comment below to share your thoughts and questions. Please share it if you like.

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  1. Before Marshmallow 6.0, users could choose which apps to share on the fly, easily picking a different app the next time, or choosing one as the default. Not sure this is an enhancement, functionality was lost not gained.

  2. Before upgrading to Marshmallow, I somehow (cannot remember how) had the “ES Download Manager” set at the default “downloader” in Chrome. Whenever I clicked on a download link (to download a podcast or mp4 file), ES Download Manager would handle the download. Now, after upgrading to Marshmallow, whenever I download something the download is always handled by Chrome. I would much prefer to use ES Download Manager (that was installed as part of ES File Explorer).

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