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Tiktok++ iPA for iOS 17 Download [Updated Version] iPhone, iPad

Tiktok++ ipa iOS is a tweaked version of tiktok app with many features that are not present in stock app. You can download user’s profile, upload longer videos, hide all options from screen etc. Tiktok++ for iOS 17 and iOS 16 can be downloaded for free without jailbreak from here. After installing the tiktok plus plus ipa file, you can follow the steps to sideoad the app using Altstore. All the steps are explained in this article.

Tiktok++ for iOS 2024 is a very powerful tweak for tiktok app. It works with iOS 14, 15, 16, 17. This tweak has advanced features that are not available on stock tiktok app. Have a look at some of its features down.

Tiktok++ iOS Features

  1. Hide all buttons from screen for clean viewing experience.
  2. Longer comments, more than 90 characters.
  3. Enable on screen download button for videos.
  4. Download user profile image.
  5. Show date of the posts.
  6. View region of the videoss.
  7. View user’s region and post count.
  8. Organize liked videos in ascending or descending order.
  9. Ads remove.
  10. Upload longer videos upto 30 minutes
  11. Join live stream all day.

Download Tiktok++ IPA iOS

You can download the iPA file from below link. If the link is not working then you may inform us in the comments section.

Tweak-1: BHTiktokPlus.ipa v32.9.1 (latest)
Tweak-2: DarkTiktok.ipa | For Trollstore
Tweak-3: TikTokLRD.ipa | For Trollstore

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How to Install Tiktok++ on iOS iPhone, iPad, iPod

To install and tiktok++ iOS ipa, here are the steps.

  1. Download the Tiktok++ iPA file from the link above.
  2. Now you need to sideload tiktok++ tweaked app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod.
  3. You can use Sideloadly or  Altstore to sideload ipa apps on your iOS devices.

That is it. You have downloaded tiktok++ on your iOS device. If download link is not working or you are having problems installing Tiktok++ ipa, you can comment below.

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  1. Yes it does,but dont open the app for the first timw without vpn,after opening it with vpn,turn off the vpn and open tiktok again and it will ask for connecting to local devices…deny it and it will work just fine

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