Want to have free apps and games on your iphone or ipad. Download tutuapp for iOS without jailbreak. Get all the crakced apps and paid apps for free.

The time changes and the new opportunities come for us to test and be benefitted by them. If you own an iOS device and it is unjailbroken then I can understand your pain of not being able to download paid apps and mods for free. But now this can be done with Tutuapp iOS. This is a chinese appstore that provides millions of cracked free apps and especially modded games. Tutuapp for iOS can be downloaded without jailbreak. You can follow the steps below to get this amazing appstore.

You should be pretty well familiar with vShare app. The mighty appstore that is trusted by users from a long time to download free apps and games. Tutuapp perfectly competes with vshare and follow its footprints. Installing tutuapp iOS without jailbreak is very easy. You won’t get any error. But one thing you will be annoyed from is its chinese language. But don’t worry you will get used to it. You can install Tutuapp for iOS 11. Check out jailbreak tweaks without cydia.

Tutorial: Jailbreak iOS 10.1.1 using Yalu

download tutuapp

TutuApp for iOS Without Jailbreak

This will work like a charm for you to download paid apps for free. Moreover it also has hacked apps with mods. Like recently Tutuapp has hacked Pokemon Go on top of its list that enables you to hack real life walking.

Now a days pokmon Go tutuapp hack is not working. Because Niantec has updated it’s Anti Hack system. Tutuapp developer team is working to sort things out and get the hack work again.

Tutuapp iOS 11 won’t let you down in case of any mod or cracked app. If you faced failure in installing vShare then none other app except tutu app can compete with it. The app has a Rabbit as its logo which is kind of cute and beautiful. So, let’s start the work guys we all here for.

Tutuapp for iOS Features

  • First and the most important, it is free.
  • Lots of cracked apps and games.
  • All apps are free.
  • You will get modded apps too.
  • Regular updates of apps and games.
  • Built-in feature of file transfer to any smartphone.

Download and Install Tutuapp iOS without Jailbreak

Below are the steps to download Tutu app for iPhone/iPad without Jailbreak. Follow them if you want the freedom of free apps without the risk of doing jailbreak.


  • Unlock your iPhone or iPad and open the safari browser.


  • In the safari. Type the URL tutuapp.com and search or open this link.


  • Now tutuapp official website will open with a link to download the appstore itself.


  • Tap on the big Green button to download tutuapp for iOS. Let it download.

install tutuapp


  • After it is downloaded and installed. Open it from apps drawer. It will prompt you to trust the enterprise.
  • You can do so by going to Settings>>General>>Profiles and trust the “Xin Lian Information Technology Co., Ltd” profile under untrusted profiles.

Trust Enterprise tutuapp


  • After you have done all the above steps. All is set now. Go back to apps drawer and open the tutuapp iOS.

tutuapp for iOS

  • It will now run on your device without any problem. Enjoy free apps, mods and cracked ipa files and third party apps, customizations.

About Tutu App iOS

Tutuapp iOS for iPhone is an app store which you can install without jailbreak. It has now become the most popular app store providing cracked and modded apps and games. You can download almost every paid app for free from here.

That is it for now. Hope you like tutuapp iOS and successfully installed it. If you have any problem regarding this, drop a comment below. Also share it and subscribe for more interesting stuff.

By Faiq Ahmed

Faiq Ahmed loves Android OS and he is an Android Geek. He has owned an Android phone since 8th grade. Currently doing BS Computer Science.

14 thoughts on “Download Tutuapp iOS without Jailbreak | Tutu App for iOS”
  1. I’m having problems with the app,I want it for my IPad but tells me only for IPhone,

  2. When I try to download the tutu app application it says unable to compete download. Please help… Tnxxx

  3. Having issues downloading, its starts then pops up saying it cant finish the download is that because of an issue with my phone or the app its self

  4. After installing the TutuApp I experienced problems with my Pokemon Go account:
    For example:
    Pokestop doesn’t work anymore. I cannot get any balls of extra bennefits.
    I cannot get any pokemons anymore, they go away and i cannot try to catch them.
    is this a bug? Can I reinstall the TutuApp in any way? Removing the app doesn’t work.
    Please advice!

    1. Now u must download original game…after deleting the old game…u must not use tutuapp for downloading
      Use original site

    2. You have to spin a poke stop 40 times after each one going out of the poke stop and going in to the same one

  5. It starts downloading after long time and when downloading is finished then it it is not opened

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