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Download Tutuapp for Android | TuTu App apk

Google has gifted us with one of the top operating system,  Android. In the world of operating systems iOS is the true rival of Android. But in terms of gettings cracked apps and paid apps for free Android is really famous for that because of its open-end operating system. Tutuapp for Android is considered the new yet very popular chinese appstore in this case, for getting paid apps and cracked modded apps for free. Recently tutuapp android has been famous and gained a lot of popularity for releasing the well known highly rated Pokemon Go hacked version which has a joystick for real life walking hack and some other mods too.

So, if you just heard of this chinese appstore and want to have this on your phone then you are at the right place. You can follow the steps below to download tutuapp apk for android manually and get millions of hacked apps from tutuapp store on Android. But one problem is that this appstore is in chinese language but you will get used to it. It has a cute pretty Rabbit as its logo. It is also Bunny Assistant.

download tutuapp

Tutuapp For Android

This app can be downloaded easily from its official webstore. And remember that I can assure you that this appstore will become so much popular in short time and will compete with popular cracked appstores like blackmart, vhsare etc because it has quality and the hacked apps that are available on tutuapp can not be found anywhere else.

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Furthermore you can also download tutuapp for iOS devices without jailbreak. The good thing is every app you will get from here will be completely and there are alot that worthy apps too which are not even on appstore. To install any app from tutuapp for Android.  You’re gonna need to enable unknown sources installation from settings which I think you should have done.

Tutuapp Android Features

These are some features why you need to install this app. Is it worth installing.

  • First of all the tutuapp for android is free.
  • The apps that are in this appstore are also free.
  • You will get hacked apps that are modded.
  • There is a game nowadays people are crazy for. The hacked version of that game is available only on tutuapp. I hope you understand what i said.
  • And alot of free apps and games.
  • Besides it can transfer data between two phones even if it is between iphone and android. It can clear cache and junk files from your phone.

Steps to Install Tutuapp for Android | Tutuapp Apk

These are the steps that you are impatient about to read for downloading this marvellous appstore. Let’s start the real work now. Hold on tight (haha).


  • First of all, unlock you android device. Download Tutuapp apk from below button.


  • Download the apk file from above download button.


  • Now go to the Settings>>Security on your device. Scroll down and enable Unknown Sources option.


  • After that go back to download folder where tutuapp apk is downloaded. Tap on it and install it.


  • Hurrah!! All done. Tutuapp for Android is now installed on your phone and you can now download free hacked and modded apps.

So hope you liked my tutorial to download tutuapp for Android. In case on any problem and difficulty drop a comment below. Also don’t forget to share it and subscribe to our blog from the box below.

About TutuApp

In short, tutu app is an appstore that has become very popular now a days. It is developed by chinese developers that is why it’s language is also chinese. The reason why it has become so famous because there is hacked pokemon go version with joystick available on it. But apart from that, it has a huge amount of other hacked apps and games also for Android and iOS. It’s was once called bunny assistant but now it is called Tutuapp.

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  1. I followed all the steps and I do not have the joy stick to walk when I log in. I uninstalled everything and did it again and it still will not show up for me.

  2. Is v0.39 pogo hack available now.. Please help…it always says update.. =(
    I love the old 1 w/joystick
    Can’t play now after the new version released.. Please please please

  3. The tutuapp interface has changed and I don’t know of its because they changed it or I’m downloading it incorrectly. Regardless whenever I download pokemon go, the file downloads then when I go to downloads and press the file to.install it, it doesn’t work, it says app could installed. I have unknown sources allowed.

    • Restart The Phone And Reinstall the TUTUAPP thru your phone browser. Thier’s Updated version out i think today i just updated mine also pokemon go version updated but everything work Perfect.

  4. Rituals not working on my redminote3.i open and sign up with Pokemon trainer club as mention ..but after open no joystick appear

  5. Each time I download it, it downloads and can’t open it once it’s done. I enabled unknown sources and everything.

  6. Help, I downloaded the tutuapp on my android but seven I went to my downloaded folder to do the install it says cant open file…. What do I do now? ?

    • First go to settings>>Security and from there enable unknown sources option. Then go to the download folder and install tutuapp. If still it doesn’t instal then download it again.

  7. Amigo ya descargue como 15 veses el tutuapp pero solo me dise que no se puede abrir el archivo que puedo aser ayudame porfavor

  8. Hello … I successfully download the tutu app, but i can’t find the pokemon app in Tutu… What should i do? Please help me

  9. Hi, i just downloaded tutuapps for android. Why i take so long time for login? And i cant even play? Whats wrong?

  10. Bro when I start the app it is saying that “Update to continue” but when I open it then I am redirected to play store.
    What should I do?

  11. Hey i’m kinda having the same issue as Vasi! but im able to download the actual tutu app but after i open it and click on the poke’mon download, as u said after i do that and save it then open it, then it says install so i click that and it gets to 100% then of course says unable to install????????

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