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Download and Install vShare Android Apk Free

If you have ever own an iOS device then you may be pretty familiar with vShare. You can get all the paids apps for free if you install vShare Android Apk on your phone. v-Share is a custom app store that has almost all the apps and games and moreover the apps are free including the paid ones. vShare for iOS is widely used among iPhone users and it is the most famous appstore for getting free paid apps. vShare on Android is also available for downloading free apps. To download vShare Android apk you have to follow the steps below.

Today I will show you how you can get vShare Android for free. vShare is  the best Alternative of BlackMart, Aptoid and Google Play. Because it’s design and layout is very decent and users can get any Android app for free easily whether it is paid. You may or may not heard about Android vShare but once you download it on your phone you will definitely like it. So, lets start to download the vShare Android apk on our android smartphone.

vShare for Android

vShare for Android is a very useful appstore and one of the best place to get paid apps for free. You can download almost any Google Play Android paid app from v-Share for free. The best part about vShare apk Android app is that you don’t even need to root your device to install vShare android.

Installing applications from v-share is very simple and downloading is very fast. You can download the paid game for free on vShare. There is pause option i downloading means that downloading of any application can be paused and resumed. Moreover when you install vShare android you get a small bubble on your screen to clear the ram on your phone. Ram cleaner is a builtin function on vShare for Android and it is quite useful because you can boost your phone on the go.

Features of vShare Android

  • Huge amount of Android Apps available.
  • Get Paid Android Apps for free with v-share.
  • Get the latest updates of Apps quickly.
  • An optimized built-in Ram Cleaner to clear memory and increase phone performance.

How to Install vShare Android Apk

You can download vShare apk and install on your Android Phone by following the steps below.


  • Unlock your Android device and open the browser.


  • In the browser type the url or go to this link.


  • v-Share official website will open. From there tap on the download option.
vShare Android Download
vShare Android Download


  • Once it is downloaded go to the settings of your phone. In the settings menu go to the security options, scroll down and enable unknown sources option. (Skip if already enabled)


  • Now go to the download folder of your phone storage where vShare Android Apk is downloaded. Tap on the vShare apk app and install it.


  • After vShare Android is installed. Go the Apps menu on your phone and launch the vShare. Download any app you like. And All Done!!

Now you have successfully installed vShare Android apk app store on your phone. Enjoy free apps and games and install your favorite. Hope you like. Please share it and subscribe. Sharing buttons are below and subscription box is at the end.

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