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How to Downgrade Verizon LG G4 VS986 to 5.1.1 Lollipop

Verizon LG G4 just received the Marshmallow update. I have already published the article to update Verizon G4 to Marshmallow. But if you are unhappy with the update and want to Downgrade Verizon LG G4 VS986 to 5.1.1 Lollipop stock firmware then follow this tutorial. I also published the method to downgrade international G4 to lollipop and it was very successful. The same method is used to downgrade the G4 VS986 back to Lollipop.

You may be aware that many users reported battery bugs on LG G4 and if so is the case with you then no need to worry because it is pretty easy to Downgrade Verizon LG G4 to Lollipop. All you have to do is download a Stock Lollipop KDZ file and flash it on the phone and the next time your when your phone wakes it will be running the stock verizon Lollipop firmware.

Downgrading Verizon G4 VS986 to Lollipop Stock OS

The Marshmallow is just released for the Verizon G4 and we all know that it might not be that much stable until it receives another OS update. I you have update your LG G4 VS986 to Marshmallow and don’t like the update then downgrade for LG G4 VS986 Verizon is possible. So, all who want to downgrade Verizon LG G4 VS986 to Stock Lollipop OS from Marshmallow should follow the given instructions step buy step. Let’s start the process.

The LGUP tool will be used to downgrade G4 VS986 to Lollipop. Using LGUP is the easiest way to flash kdz file becuase you don’t have to go into download mode.


  • The process is only for Verizon LG G4 model no VS986. Don’t try this on any other model. You should follow the step carefully in case somethings goes wrong with your phone then droiopinions.com will not be held responsible. Try this at your own risk. You don’t need root access in order to do this process. Thanks.

Necessary Instructions Before Proceeding

  1. Check the model of your phone by going to Settings>>About Phone>>Hardware Information. Make sure it is VS986 then proceed.
  2. Backup your important data like photos, videos, contacts, messages etc to avoid data loss for safety purpose.
  3. Charge your phone up to 70% to minimize power issues.
  4. Install LG USB drivers on your PC.
  5. Your USB Data cable should be working properly.

Download Required Files

Lollipop KDZ G4 VS986


LG Mobile Drivers

Steps to Downgrade Verizon LG G4 VS986 to Stock Lollipop OS

Follow the steps to Downgrade Verizon G4 VS986 to Lollipop.


  • Fist of all open the above link to download 5.1.1 Lollipop KDZ for LG G4 VS986. Download any of the file.
  • Now extract the downloaded file if possible. IF it’s already kdz then let it be same.


  • Now download LGUP flash tool on your PC and extract.
  • You will get different files after extracting LGUP tool. Install both of the files on your PC. (install dll file first and then LGUP file)


  • After installing LGUP, launch the LGUP flash tool on your PC.


  • Connect your LG G4 to the PC. LGUP will detect your phone and it will be listed on the LGUP screen.

Connect LG G4 to LGUP


  • Now to downgrade verizon LG G4, click on the Upgrade option, and choose file path. Select the KDZ file that you downloaded in the first step.
  • You can also select Refurbish option and click on start but this will erase your data and you will undergo a clean downgrade process. This one is most suitable but you can select any option you want. Both works fine.


  • Now after all the above steps are done, press the Start button to begin the process and wait till the installation of the firmware completes.
  • Your phone will automatically reboot after the completion. Wait till the homescreen shows up. First boot-up may take some time.

If you Get Stuck In LG Logo: Follow the instructions on that link if you are stuck at start-up screen or LG Logo. (Fix LG G4 Stuck On LG Logo)

You are succeeded to Downgrade Verizon LG G4 VS986 to 5.1.1 Lollipop. Comment below if you have problems. Please share it and subscribe. Sharing buttons are below and subscription box is at the end.

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  1. My PC couldn’t recognize my LG G4 when I launch the LGUP, the error message “There is no handset connected. Please connect a handset(s). Even though I have installed LG USB Driver , please help!

  2. DO NOT use VS98611A KDZ. It will brick your phone, and remain stuck in Download Mode. Use 13B. only to get android 5.1

  3. I downgraded my LG G4 VS986 which was on the 25A build to the 13B version and it is now stuck on the Verizon Logo Screen. Any idea as to how I fix this issue?

    • Problem fixed! I did a Factory Hard Reset. Luckily I had backed up all my files and recovered everything! Thank you so much Faiq, for your informational “How-to” pages!!!

    • Hi Daniel,

      If you are running a newer version of Marshmallow (I was on 25A build), you cannot downgrade to the 11A version of the kdz file. Go to the KDZ download link above and download the 13b version. Follow the steps above and it should work. Once I downgraded to Lollipop I was able to root my phone. Good luck!

    • I had this problem with my LG4 8H11…eventhough the model is told to use the 8H1110n kdz. Not for everyone. It kept telling me the same error code rollback so what you have to do is find the CORRECT kdz file and to do so is when you look at the LGUP and the top of that interface where it says Com port then Version mine didn’t say LG4 8h1110n it said LG4 8H11v…so I found in the same folder for the 8H11 was 4 to 5 different kdz files..I saw that I already downloaded all the 8h11 files including the n but there were two v files…so it refurbished without error on the v …File…I couldn’t find anyone Helping anybody with this error and sadly the supposed techs didn’t bother to help answer this error code…I’m an IT and it didn’t take me long to figure this out…sadly these guys call themselves TECHS..lmao

      • Hi Mike H, good to hear that you figure out the issue with your G4. And yeah there are some tech guys who know nothing. They copy the methods of others and publish them and when someone needs help they don’t reply coz they don’t know anything.

  4. Will downgrading erase all data on the phone? I am planning on backing it up first but I’m wondering if it’s done successfully is the data supposed to remain on the phone?

  5. Hi, everyone, I am wondering whether I can install any firmware from any LG G4 version on my LG G4 VS986 (Verizon)!!?? Would it bring about any uncompatibility issues???

    • Don’t you ever do this to your phone. All the firmwares are intended for their specific models. You can not flash any firmware on your Verizon G4. Only flash the firmware that is compatible with your phone model or else your phone will be bricked. Refer to this guide if you want to update your verizon G4 and use this method if you want to downgrade.

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