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Download and Install iOS 9 vShare without Jailbreak – 2016

Hello everybody, whats up. You want to know how you can get paid apps for free on your iPhone or iPad by installing iOS 9 vShare on your i-Device. Then you are absolutely at the right place because today I will show you to install iOS vShare without jailbreak your iPhone/iPad. vShare is the best if you want all the apps for free including paid ones for your iPhone/iPad because you don’t even need to jailbreak your i-device to install iOS 9 vShare. It is the best alternative to cydia, appcake or installous because these need the jailbreak and vShare won’t.

vShare is very simple and easy to use and install. You don’t need to put your phone on risk by jailbreaking because vShare can work without jailbreak. Basically vShare is a custom appstore that lets you install all the apps on your iPhone for free. You can get all the paid apps for free on your phone through vShare. Today i will show how you can install it without jailbreak. It can downloaded on Android.

Install iOS 9 vShare

VShare is the best way to dwnload paid apps for free. It is even better from appcake, installaous, cydia etc because these stuff need jailbreak which has risks and iOS 9 vShare can be installed without jailbreak. You just need to follow the instructions below to download and install VShare for iOS 9.

After installing VShare you will be able to get free apps without jailbreak on your iOS device. So, lets start to install iOS 9 vshare on iPhone/iPad. Do have a look at zestia cydia tweaks without jailbreak

Steps to Install VShare on iOS 9 without Jailbreak

You need to follow the instructions below to install and run vShare iOS 9 on your device to get free paid apps.

Update: vShare iOS 10 new working method


  • Unlock your iPhone/iPad and open this link or go to this address www.vshare.com in safari browser.


  • Once vShare’s official site is opened. There will be two option to download vShare. Tap on the option Download Unjailbroken.


  • After tapping on download option, a prompt screen will appear, Tap on the Install option from there.


  • After that, go to the homescreen, you will see the vShare icon that vShare is downloading.


  • When vShare is installed, open the vShare app. You will likely get a message “Untrusted Enterprise Developer”. Read the message and remeber the name after “iPhone Distribution:” in the first line.


  • Now, close the message and go to the Settings>>General. Open the Profiles.


  • Now in the Profiles, search the name that was written in that message after iPhone Distribution. After you find that name, tap on that name and trust and confirm.  And All Done,,

After all the above steps, you are finally ready to go. Open the iOS 9 vShare app from the apps menu. Search for any app you like and install it on your phone. Hope you like it. Now yo can get all the paid apps for free.

VShare Installation Problems

If you face any problem installing the vShare then follow the steps below to solve the problem.

  1. If an error occurs “Unable to Download vShsre” while downloading vShare then leave it and try downloading it again at any other time. The issue is most likely to be appear when there is heavy user load their server.
  2. If you are getting any other error while installing vShare then Double tap the Home button. Close all the apps and Restart your iPhone/iPad and do the whole process again.

This may solve any problem you are getting installing the vShare. Hope you like our tutorial to install iOS 9 vShare without jailbreak. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments. Please share it with your friends. Sharing buttons are below. Follow this website on  twitterfacebookGooglePlus.

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