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iSpoofer iPA Pokemon Go Tweak for iOS [Latest Version] 2023

All the Pokemon Go players out there, you can now download iSpoofer ipa for Pokemon go iOS as it comes up to be the safest and recommended Spoofing app. Back in the days, when Pokemon Go was released, the hype it created was just insane. It broke the records of its competitor games. It was the first real life augmented reality based mobile Game available for Android and iOS.

iSpoofer for iOS is used to spoof location and adds joytick. The game used real time GPS tracking and you would have actually walk in real to catch pokemons. So to bypass this, plenty of spoofing apps came, Fly GPS was Famous in initial times. But the ban rate was high as using spoofing apps is against the game rules. There were other Pokemon Go spoofing apps too. Nonetheless, with time, more more apps came, and right now, iSpoofer iPA for PoGo iOS is the most popular and yet safest. So, it thought of writing on it to tell you guys.

iSpoofer ipa ios
iSpoofer Download iOS

iSpoofer Pokemon Go iOS

Every pokemon go joystick and gps bypass app has some distinct features. Before iSpoofer for PoGo. The popular app was Pokemon Go++ but this app’s developer has now stopped the updates and support for it.

iSpoofer iPA for iOS can be installed on latest all supported iPhone, iPad and iPod models running on latest iOS version or any other. Installing this app is really simple. I will provide the iSpoofer download link below along with full steps to install this app.

Name iSpoofer
2.2.8 (1.189.0 / 0.223.0)
File Type iPA
  • iPhone
  • iPod
  • iOS
Size 106 MB
Updated Nov, 2021

iSpoofer for PoGo Features

iSpoofer ipa for Pokemon Go has these features. Also, there are two versions of this app, iSpoofer free version and pro version. In pro version you get extra premium features.

  • You get joystick to walk.
  • Teleport to any location.
  • IV List is available.
  • In free version, You can also Encounter IV Checker free for 10 times only.
  • Auto Walking feature, but works only in pro version.
  • Nearby Gym slots scanner, in pro version only.
  • Nearby Radar, pro version.
  • Feed your coordinated, pro version.
  • Feed Radar, pro version.
  • Enhanced throw to catch pokemon is available in free and pro version.
  • Fast catch trick is for pro version.
  • Auto GPX is also available for both versions.

iSpoofer iOS iPA Download

iSpoofer has been shutdown and no longer available for any iOS device. But do not worry, You use iPogo Pokemon Go Tweak which is currently the best pogo spoofer tweak available. Download from below link.

iPogo PokemonGo Tweak

How to Downlad and Install iSpoofer iPA for Pokemon Go on iOS 15

So, here are the steps to install Pokemon Go iSpoofer app on iPhone, iPad, iPod. Do the steps one by one and you will be good to go.

  1. Download iSpoofer iOS app from above link.
  2. Now Go to our Altstore Page and follow the steps there to install Twitter Owl ipa on your Phone.

Note: You do not need any separate Pokemon Go game to install. This ispoofer itself will work as Pokemon Go. So uninstall previously installed Pokemon Go first, then install this app.

  1. First download the iSpoofer iPA file from above link on your PC or MAC.
  2. Now download Cydia Impactor on your PC or Mac.
  3. Launch Cydia impactor.
  4. Connect your iPhone to the computer,
  5. Drag the iSpoofer PoGo file onto cydia impactor.
  6. It will now ask for login details.
  7. Login with any of your Apple ID.
  8. Cydia impactor will now start installing iSpoofer Pokemon Go on your iPhone.
  9. After it install completely, disconnect the phone.
  10. Now iSpoofer is installed on your phone. But in order to launch it, you need to trust the developer profile of it from settings.
  11. Go to Settings>>General>>Profiles & Device Management. Here trust the profile of iSpoofer app you just installed.
  12. Now launch the app and enjoy Pokemon Go.

Is iSpoofer Safe for Pokemon Go?

Well these third party apps to get joystick and spoof location may result in getting your ID ban. So always keep that mind. And it is best to always have a secondary Pokemon Go ID. As far as iSpoofer is concerned, it is safer than other apps in competition. A person on reddit has said this about iSpoofer safe or not, see below

Is iSpoofer safe

I hope this tutorial to install iSpoofer iPA for Pokemon Go covers everything for you. If still you have any questions then drop down in comments. Share it and subscribe.

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  1. iSpoofer is NOT safe. They make that clear in the above information. You are better off not installing iSpoofer as you will get banned within a month or two of using it to hack Pokemon GO

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