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Install CM13 Marshmallow on Galaxy Note 3 LTE N9005

Android Marshmallow is the latest android OS available full of new features and making users impatient to get their hands on it. Some of the Android devices already started receiving Marshmallow and some will get it soon. We don’t know that whether Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will receive the marshmallow update or not but for now you can install Marshmallow on Galaxy Note 3 N9005 via CM13 Rom. When there is need of the latest OS on our phone and it doesn’t receive that update, custom roms stand in to help us for giving the pleasure of latest OS released. You can also update your Note 3 to Marsmallow via CM13 custom rom and get all the features of Marshmallow on your phone. Today I will show you how you can install Marshmallow on Galaxy Note 3 N9005 cia CM13 custom rom.

CyaogenMod is a very popular rom and has been among us with a long time. I remember that when I had my Galaxy S2, CyanogenMod was the most popular rom for it. The Marshmallow build CyanogenMod Rom for Galaxy Note 3 LTE is pretty cool. You get the pure Nexus like experience and Marshmallow features. So, if you are willing to install Marshmallow on Galaxy Note 3 N9005 via CyanogenMod Rom then follow the instructions below. Your must have Custom Recovery installed to install the Marshmallow on Galaxy Note 3 N9005.
Marshmallow for Galaxy Note 3 N9005


Installing Marshmallow CM13 Rom on Galaxy Note 3 LTE

Marshmallow CM13 Custom rom is available for Galaxy Note 3. You can now install Marshmallow on Galaxy Note 3 N9005 via CyanogenMod rom. All of those who are willing to install CyanogenMod Marshmallow Rom on their Galaxy Note 3 LTE can follow this guide. Please note that installing a custom rom is an unofficial process and it will void your phone’s warranty. It is for advance users only. So, let’s proceed to install Marshmallow on Galaxy Note 3 LTE. Read the disclaimer and necessary instructions before proceeding.

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  • The process is only for Galaxy Note 3 model no N9005. Do not try this on any other model. The process is recommended for advance users only who know this kind of operations. Your phone must have a Custom Recovery installed for installing a custom rom. Remember that if something wrong happens with your device during or after the process then Droidoponions.com will not be held responsible. Do it your own risk only. Installing a custom rom is an unofficial process and it will void your phone’s warranty. Thanks

Necessary Instructions before Proceeding

  • First check the model of your phone by going to settings>>about phone. Make sure it is SM-N9005 then proceed.
  • Backup your important data like photos, videos, messages and contacts etc. It is recommended to perform a full backup using a custom recovery.
  • Charge your phone up to 60% to avoid power failure issues.
  • Your phone must have a Custom Recovery Installed.

Download Required Files

Download the files below.

Download:   Marshmallow CM13 for Note 3 N9005

Download:   Google Apps for CM13 6.0

Install CM13 Marshmallow on Galaxy Note 3 LTE N9005, Steps

To install CM13 Marshmallow on Galaxy Note 3 LTE, follow the instructions below.


  • First of all download the CM13 Rom and Google Apps from the links above on your PC or your phone if you have a better data connection. Do not extract the files.
  • If you have downloaded the files on computer then connect your Galaxy Note 3 LTE to the computer and move both of the files to the phone  internal storage.


  • Turn your phone off now.


  • Press and hold Home+Volume Up+Power button for few seconds and release when recovery menu appears.


  • In the recovery menu scroll down to the wipe cache partition and select and confirm the task. Now go the advance option of the recovery. There will be an option wipe dalvik cache, select it and confirm the task. It is not necessary though but helpful in clean installation of the Rom.

Note: You can scroll up and down by volume button and select by power button in the recovery mode.


  • Now go back to the main recovery menu. Scroll down to the option install zip from sd card. Select it. It will take you to some other options. Now from there select the option choose zip from sd card.


  • Find CM13 Marshmallow Custom Rom that you have downloaded in the first step.


  • Now after finding the Rom which is in .zip file, select it and confirm the task to begin installation of the Rom. Wait for some time till the Rom installs completely.
  • After the Rom is installed, again choose zip from sd card. Find the Google Apps.zip file that you downloaded. Select it and confirm to install. Wait till it installs completely.


  • After you have installed both the files i,e CM13 Rom and Google Apps, go back to the main recovery menu. Select the reboot system now option to restart your phone.


  • Your device will now reboot with the new Marshmallow CM13 Custom Rom installed. Wait for some time. At first start up it would take some time to show up the some screen. So, wait till your phone shows up the home screen and enjoy. And All Done!!!

If Phone Stops at Boot Screen: If your device is stuck at boot screen or Samsung logo then follow the instructions over here to fix the problem.

You have now successfully installed CM13 Marshmallow on Galaxy Note 3 LTE N9005. Hope you like it. If you have any questions then ask in the comments sections below. That’s all for today guys, BYE!!

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