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Install WhatsApp++ IPA (Latest) on iPhone running iOS 10/10.1/10.2/

Just like Pokemon Go++ which brings new features to the game, now you can have the same type of enhancements for one of the world’s most popular IM app WhatsApp. Still confused? Let me tell you what exactly is WhatsApp++. WhatsApp++ enables advanced WhatsApp features that are not found in the regular official version of the app. Not just that, it also gives you the opportunity to run two different instances of WhatsApp on your phone. How? One from the App Store and one being this one, cool right!

With WhatsApp++ you can have multiple WhatsApp accounts on the same device. I know that you are thinking it’ll need a jailbroken device, well, good news is you can have this running on a non-jailbroken device, including the latest version of iOS 10. Just follow the step by step guide below.


* A Mac running the latest OS X or macOS Sierra. If you don’t have Mac Install a hackintosh on your PC.

* iPhone running iOS 9.3-10.1

* Xcode 8 or above installed from the Mac App Store, it is available for free.

* An Apple Developer account ID, free Apple ID accounts will work too.

Download these files

Download ppsideloader zip package

Download the WhatsApp++ IPA file 

Now follow these Instructions:

1. Grab Mac and launch Xcode on it.

2. Now, Unzip the ppsideloader zip file that you downloaded. After unzipping you’ll see an IPA file, replace that file with the downloaded WhatsApp++ file (given the link above). Before replacing rename the WhatsApp++ file and then replace it with the original app.ipa file.

3. In the same folder locate ppsideloader.xcodeproj file and launch it. This will open the project inside Xcode.



4. Now, Xcode is open, click the menu bar on top then click on Xcode > Preferences. In the resultant window, select Accounts tab, then click the add button (+) and choose the Add Apple ID option. There sign in using your Apple Developer account ID.


5. Go back in the main Xcode window and select the ppsideloader on the left. You are now going to need to change the Bundle Identifier to one of your choosing. It’s standard to use something like com.[yourname].whatsapp.

6. Next, in team click the drop-down box and select your Apple ID, may show you an error. Click the Fix Issue button to fix.

7. Then in deployment target select your iOS version (iOS 9.3 even if you are on iOS 10).

8. Make sure iPhone is plugged into the Mac, and that the connected device is chosen from the targets at the top of Xcode.

9. Next, click on the build and run button or hit CMD + R to compile the files and push them onto your device. Wait for the process to complete then Xcode will show you a message:

Congrats! You have just successfully sideloaded WhatsApp++ on your non-jailbroken iOS device.

Note: if you face a problem launching the WhatsApp++ app on your iPhone (app is from an untrusted developer, resulting in the app failing to launch). Go to the and head to General > Profile(s) > [name of the developer] and then tap on Trust and then Trust again. Once the certificate is trusted, it will tell you, WhatsApp2+ verified.


And thats it! Go back to the Home screen and run the WhatsApp++ (shown as WhatsApp2+) app. It should now run without any problems. Drop a comment below, if you need our help.


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