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One UI 2.0 Beta Program for Galaxy S10 Started in South Korea

We have a great big news, just recently we were talking about Android 10 One UI 2.0 Beta program for Galaxy S10, S10 Plus, S10e to be start soon. Well, it just did. The official One UI 2.0 Beta Program for Galaxy S10 has been started in South Korea. And we can expected that it will soon start in US region also within 2 or 3 days.

Now, that the Android 10 One UI 2 beta program is started in South Korea. Users who have registered for this program would have received or about to receive this One 2.0 update.

one ui 2.0 beta program south korea

Android 10 One UI 2.0 Beta

Samsung started its UI race with the the TouchWiz, back when we had Galaxy s1, S2, S3 running on Android 2.2 froyo, then 2.3 GingerBread and 4.0 ICS. Then samsung restructured its UI and the name was given Samsung Experience. And after that the most recent ONE UI landed. Samsung has done an excellent job with One UI. Use phone with single hand is much easier, there is night mode, new gestures, transitions, and everything is amazing.

Now, the One UI 2.0 that comes with Android 10 is on a whole new level. The Even more features are added and user experience is improved.

Features in One UI 2.0

Here are some features i read about One Ui 2.0. As my S10 has not yet received One UI 2.0, when it does, it will write in details about its features.

Details on All One UI 2.0 Features

  • Navigation gestures are changed. In new navigation gestures, you can swipe left or right to go back. Swipe from bottom to go into home. And swipe up from bottom with a little hold to open recent apps.
  • In the always on display on previous version of One UI in Galaxy s10. The fingerprint icon or mark was not visible all the time this resulting in putting our fingerprint on the wrong position. Now, the fingerprint mark can be visible all time. It will help on putting our finger at accurate position for fingerprint scanner.
  • Camera interface has been improved and changed a bit.
  • Device Care layout in settings has been changed wit better battery stats.
  • More functions added in the status drop down bar.
  • In calendars, stickers can be used.
  • And many more which are yet to be discovered. And of course the performance is also expected to be smooth.
You can watch all these new features in this video.

So, this it. Now that the Android One UI 2.0 Beta Program released for Galaxy S10 series. Its only a matter of weeks, or months till all of us get the official OTA of the new Android 10 along with One UI 2. So, sit tight and enjoy this read for now and keep following DroidOpinions if you are into tech, gadgets, smartphones.

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