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Pokemon Tutuapp Hack | Pokemon Go Tutuapp Version

I love tutuapp so much for providing us the pokemon go hacked version. I can’t stay at rest a single day until I use TutuApp and Pokemon Go. Pokemon Tutuapp hack has been praised giantly by users all over the world. Real life walking is something that not most but almost all the users are concerned about. Me too can’t walk all day to catch the pokemons. So, tutuapp has solved this problem. The Pokemon GO Tutuapp version is a haked version in which you get the joystick to walk freely without actually walking.

You can also use FLY GPS hack for location spoofing and joystick. Pokemon Tutuapp hack can be installed via tutuapp appstore. It is pretty easy to download. And this won’t get you ban either. So, why not try this hack. The steps to install this tutuapp Pokemon hack is given in the steps explained below.

pokemon go tutuapp

Pokemon TutuApp Hack

Pokemon Go hack with tutuapp is nowadays rending so much. It was the first one that provided a real joystick bypass real life walking on Pokemon Go. There has been a large no of hacks available for Pokemon Go. But slowly every hack got to its end with every new Pokemon Go update. But Pokemon Tutuapp hack seems be the best hack that works with every new update.

If you are confuse about what is tutuapp. Whether its a hack, an app, or a different version of Pokemon Go. Well, tutuapp is an appstore that has collection of hacked apps and games for free. The Pokemon Go that is available on tutuapp is a hacked one with joystick. And this Pokemon Go on tutuapp is know as tutuapp Pokemon Go. This appstore is developed by chinese developers and its language it also chinese.

This Pokemon tutuapp hack is available for both iOS and Android and works with Pokemon 0.45.0 and 1.75.0 version. Below are the separate methods to install this hacked pokemon go on Android or iOS.

Note: Tutuapp hack does not work any more. They are providing the regular version of pokemon go. So you can use Fly GPS instead.

Install Pokemon Tutuapp Android Hack

Follow these steps to install tutuapp hack pokemon game on android

  • First of all Download Tutuapp on your Android Phone. Open the link below to know how to download and install it on your Android device.

Install TutuApp on Android

  • Now after you have installed tutuappstore on your phone, launch it from apps section.
  • Pokemon Go will be listed on the top on the Front screen. You need to download this chinese pokemon go hacked version.
  • Tap on the Green Button right next to it and download it.

pokemon go 0.37.0 tutuapp

  • When this chinese version pokemon go is downloaded completely.
  • Tap on it and Install it.
  • Now Launch Pokemon Tutuapp version.
  • Sing in with Pokemon Trainer account. And Enjoy playing.

Note: Google account does not work. You will get stuck on sign in screen. So sign in with Pokmon GO Trainer account.

Install Pokemon Tutuapp iOS Hack

These are the steps to install hacked pokemon via tutuapp on iOS.

  • First install tutuapp on iOS device from the link below.

Download tutuapp For iOS

  • Once tutuapp is installed on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Launch it.
  • On the front screen Pokemon Go will be listed on the top.
  • Tap on the green button right next to this chinese pokemon go.
  • It will now start installing. Let it installed completely.
  • When it is installed. Open this chinese Pokemon Go from apps drawer.
  • It’ll ask you to trust the enterprise developer.
  • You can do so by going to Settings>>General>>Profiles. Scroll down and trust the Pokemon Go profile under untrusted app profiles.
  • Now go back again and launch Pokemon tutuapp version.
  • Sign in with Pokemon Trainer Account.
  • And enjoy playing with joystick.

Note: Google account won’t work. So sign in with Pokemon Go trainer account.

That is it. You have installed Pokemon tutuapp hack successfully on your iOS or Android device. Drop your comments below. Share it and subscribe.

About Pokemon Go Tutuapp Hack

Tutuapp is an appstore for iOS and Android that provides hacked apps and games for free. The pokemon go walking hack is avialable on tutuapp to download for free. But as with Pokemon Go build update, the tutu hack may not work. This is because with evey pokemon go update, the security gets tight and hack gets kicked out by the developers.

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