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Latest Tutuapp Pokemon Go Hack For 0.35.0 Android- No Root

Hey, guys once again here with the latest [tutuapp] pokemon go hack for v0.35.0 version. AS you know that and may have tried that the pokemon go hack on tutuapp is no longer available. So, you have to download it manually via apk file and install it o  your device. On of the major reason why people want to install this hack is either they want to stay at their while playing pokemon go or they are so lazy that they can’t get out of their because this pokemon go hack for 0.35.0 gives the bypass to real life walking in pokemon go.

The tutuapp pokemon go hack apk works on the latest 0.33.0 and 0.35.0 versions. The hack is no longer available on tutuapp. Now you need to leave tutuapp for pokemon go and need to install the hack manually. The pokemon go hack for 0.35.0 version download link is below followed by the complete installation steps.

pokemon go v0.35.0 hack

Tutuapp Pokemon Go Hack for 0.35.0 version

I know many of you are having trouble installing this latest hack with tutu app but no worries I will show you how to install tutuapp Pokemon Go v0.35.0 hack manually by installing the apk file on your phone. You will be able to bypass real life walking in pokemon go.

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Honestly guys, apart from the topic, i give salute to Nainatec the developer on Pokemon Go for making such a marvelous Game of the well known tv-series Pokemon that was once my favorite to watch and still it is. Already you know the results that it has broken the records of previous famous games.

About Tutu App Pokemonn Go

For those who don’t know what is tutuapp, it is a chinese appstore that has free cracked and modded apps to download for free on both iOS and android. It is known for Pokemon Go because the modded version of pokemon go is only available on this appstore that is why nowadays this appstore is widely popular. You can download it for both iOS or Android from the link below.

Modded Pokemon Go Hack For 0.35.0 version Manually via Apk File

The procedure can be followed to install v0.35.0 hack pokemon go manually by apk file without tutuapp. This hack works on both 0.33.0 and 0.35.0 version so don’t get confused.

  1. Unlock your android and connect to an internet connection.
  2. Now open this link and download Pokemon Go mod.
  3. After the mod has been downloaded. Extract it using Z1Archiver. It will be in .zip file that’s why you would need to extract it.
  4. Now after you have extracted it. There should appear an apk file.
  5. First go to Settings>>Security, scroll down and enable Unknown Sources. Skip if already enabled.
  6. Now go back to that apk file. And install the modded Pokemon Go for v0.35.0 hacked apk file.
  7. After you have installed. Launch it and enjoy the game. All Done!!

Note: With the hacked version on Pokemon Go. You can’t login with the google account. You need to sign in with Pokemon Trainer account. Make a pokemonn trianer account here if you do not have one.

And this is it fellows. Enjoy the tutuapp Pokemon Go hack for 0.35.0 version and bypass real life walking. Comment below for any queries. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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  1. I install all things that are in the .zip file. So when I open Pokemon Go appears a problem with servers that says: “We are having problems with us servers. Please try later”. What can I do?

  2. Every time I play it crashes I get the most 1 he play time before it no longer works for me anymore how do I fix the the crashes

  3. God damn.. 2hours to try instal that and at the end… Fail .. I Will adk help to friend who got it x)

  4. hi, Faik, good service , it worked for me but have a question –
    how to set my real location as the default openning location, and not that of San Francisco? 10x

  5. how can set the home cordinates, so when starting the game it will not start at San Francisco, but at my real location?

  6. Again, I download everything and when it’s the final step to install pokemon go app, it says all not downloaded. Is it my android phone or is this article false advertising?

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