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Pokemon Go Controls Hack | Joystick for Pokemon Go[Latest]

Pokemon Go is physically oriented game. You have to walk real to play this game by letting your gps on and to catch pokemons all around the world. Kind of interesting and probably the factor why it became so much popular. But there are peoples who don’t want get out of thier house to play this epic and awesome game. For them Pokemon Go Joystick is available via pokemon Go controls hack. I’m gonna show you the proper way to install Pokemon Go Joystick hack and get you free from real life walking in pokemon go.

There is one thing you have to do for installing this hack and that is Root Access on your phone. Some you may already have rooted your phone but many may not. If you have not rooted your phone then you may check these root guides for your phone model.

pokemon go controls hack


Joystick Pokemon GO Controls Hack

So, folks this hack can be downloaded manually on your phone by following the process below. You need to install the apk file. Your phone must be rooted and must have xposed framework installed to work this pokemon go controls hack. Otherwise this wont work.

What have to do is install the module via apk file and then enable this module through the Xposed Framework. After then you need to set mock locations for this module.

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Note: All these mods and hacks are on your own risk only. Your account may get softban by these hacks. So, install this hack on your own risk only.

Steps to Install Pokemon Go Joystick

Here are the steps to download and install pokemon go controls hack. Now you can walk without really walking.


(Remember that your phone should be rooted and have xposed framework installed.)


  • Now on your Phone go to Settings>>Security, scroll down and enable Unknown sources option. (Skip if already enabled.)
  • Go back to download folder where you downloaded the above file. Tap on it and install it.


  • After that you need to enable this module from Xposed installer.
  • Open Xposed, enable the module you just installed on your device.


  • Restart your phone now. Open the Pokemon GO Joystick and walk like a boss!!.
  • All Done!! Enjoy.

Hope you understand all above and installed Pokemon GO Controls hack on your phone. For any questions drop a comment below. Please share it and subscribe. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+.

Bye Bye, Take care!

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  1. So scowered all over and no updates for the new pokemon 45.0 update on fly gps and or hacked versions for android please if any one knows comment back

  2. Guys .. how can I get the android version 0.43.4 modded apk.. I searched every site not getting any app… I have redmi 2 prime and there is no option for selecting mock location app

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