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Whenever it comes to downloading cracked apps and games Android is the best but iOS is also not behind. TutuApp Vip is that one sources where you can get cracked and hacked apps and games for both iOS and Android. Rooting and Jailbreaking is now not a privilege for downloading paid apps for free. You should be aware of tutu app. It is a chinese app store for iOS and Android to download free apps. Mostly it is famous for Hacked Pokemon Go version. But the hack is not working since the last two Pokemon Go updates.

TutuApp vip is also famous as tutu helper for iOS and now it is in English language. After tutu app vip update its language is now English. Before it was in chinese language which wasn’t understandable for users outside china. Installing tutuapp is pretty simple and easy. You need to install it manually. Every step is provided below.

tutu vip

Tutu App Vip – iOS/Android

If you are confused about tutuapp and tutuapp vip. Then let me tell you that both are same. Tutuapp is now called Tutu App vip. On iOS it is also now famous as tutu helper and offer English language.

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So, to download Tutu Vip app. You can follow the instructions below. You don’t need to root or jailbreak your phone. So, lets start the installation process.

Download Tutuapp Vip on iOS Without Jailbreak

Follow the steps to install this appstore.


  • Unlock you iPhone/iPad and connect to an internet connection.


  • Open Safari browser.


  • In the URL address bar type and search for it.


  • A webpage will load now. Tap on the Regular option above.
  • Tap on the Green button and download it.

tutuhelper download


  • Tap on the install button now. Follow onscreen instructions and install the profile.
  • Tutu helper will now install. On iOS Tutu App vip will install as tutu helper in English version.


  • Once it is installed. Launch it.
  • If It will ask you trust the enterprise developer.
  • You can do so by going to Settings>>General>>Profiles. Scroll down to untrusted profiles. And trust the tutuhelper’s profile there.

That’s it. Tutuapp vip on iOS is installed now.

Download TutuApp Vip on Android | No Root

These are the instructions to download tutu vip app on your Android phone.


  • Unlock your phone and connect to and internet connection.


  • Open your current browser.


  • Type the URL in the above address bar; and search.
  • A webpage will load with latest tutuapp to download.


  • Tap on the Green button to download the tutuapp vip.
  • Confirm any popup if appears.


  • Wait till the download completes.
  • In the mean time, go to Settings>>Security. Scroll down and enable Unknown Sources option.


  • Now go to the download folder where tutuapp is downloaded. Tap on it and install the app.
  • Launch the the new tutu app. Enjoy free apps and games.

And there you go. You have installed latest tutuapp vip on your phone. Now you can enjoy thousands of cracked apps and games. Drop you comments below. Share it please. Follow us on twitter, Facebook, Google+.

About TutuApp Vip

Tutuapp is chinese appstore that provides free cracked apps and games for Android and iOS devices. Another another version of this appstore is Tutu app vip or tutu vip. This version is in English language as basic Tutuapp is in Chinese language. Tutuapp vip is available as a free version and paid version. All the apps on this appstore are free. Mostly you will get paid apps for free and other cracked apps. It has a huge collection of apps and games and is very famous among iOS users.


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