If you are stuck on the same phone or just fed up with its theme, them surely you wanna try some customization by installing lightest android launchers that save battery. And if your phone’s battery is not good at the same time, then these top 5 Battery Saving Android Launchers would be a win-win for you. By installing the launcher on Android phone, you can completely change the theme and UI of your phone.

Today I will share with you the best Battery Launcher for Android to save power for good battery lifeLonger battery life is something that I have always tried to achieve but for doing that, one necessary thing is not using live wallpapers or themes because these drain a lot of battery. And I cannot sacrifice the cool look of my phone’s screen by doing that. So, I have come up with some great Battery Saving Android Launchers that would increase the battery life of your phone and giving a cool look at the same time.

best battery saving android launcher

Best Launchers with Battery Saving Features

One of the best thing about having a good and fastest launcher is that it makes your phone faster. It makes your phone stable and improves battery. And at the same, it customizes the User Interface of your phone. Thus making your phone even more amazing. And you know what, you can even turn your phone into and iphone by using an iOS Launcher.

When I refer to best Battery Saving launcher for Android, I mean the launchers that are fastest, lightest with built-in battery saving features.

Why you Should use a launcher that saves battery;

You should install a launcher on your Android phone or tab because it,

  1. Makes your phone faster and lighter.
  2. Customizes the user interface.
  3. Has themes and other apps.
  4. Performance improvement.
  5. Improved battery life.
  6. Built-in cache and memory cleaner.
  7. Changes the overall look of software.
  8. Cool animations, optimization.

Best Battery Saving Android Launchers in 2023

One thing I like about Android launchers and I consider these better than custom roms is you can always easily revert back to your stock home launcher which is not the case in custom roms.

Without taking much of your time, let me give you a list of best Android Launchers for battery saving in 2023. You can check out these and chose whichever you like.

All these lightweight battery saving launchers are sorted based on users reviews and my own experience.

Nova Launcher – Best Battery Saving Launcher for Android

Nova Launcher
Nova Launcher
Developer: Nova Launcher
Price: Free

One of the best, fastest launcher that users are using for years is Nova Launcher that improves battery life. The launcher is packed with bundle of features and performance hacks and yet it is lightweight and very low on battery power consumption. It also enhances the speed of your phone, is very stable and best android launcher for battery life


A list of features that makes this launcher even more awesome are below.

  • Icon Themes
  • Subgrid positioning
  • Color Controls
  • Customized App Drawer
  • Improved app drawer
  • Infinite Scroll
  • Backup/Restore
  • Widgets in Do ck
  • Scrollable Dock
  • Import layout
  • and Fast.

Google Now Launcher – Best Lightest Android Launcher

This launcher is Discontinued!!!

Google Now Launcher
Google Now Launcher
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Google now is an amazing lightweight launcher that does not drain battery. It gives you pure google android os experience like nexus phones and its very fast and responsive. If your choice is for simple, sleek and fast launcher then you should go for Google Now launcher.

This launcher is compatible with almost all Android devices and it is developed by official Google developers, Google LLC. Key features of this launcher are below.

  • Search anything from homescreen via quick access to the search bar.
  • Google now cards for latest information and news.
  • Voice search recognition. Say Ok Google to activate voice search feature.
  • Scrollable app lists.

Power+ Launcher-Battery Saver – Best Launcher That Doesn’t Drain Battery

Power+ Launcher-Battery Saver
Power+ Launcher-Battery Saver
Developer: AECO
Price: To be announced

Power+Launcher Battery Saver is a new launcher that is specifically meant for lessd power consumption and more battery life. It is one of the best Battery Saving Launcher for Android. It is packed with quite amazing features that you don’t get in other launchers. Especially the battery saving features are awesome.

If you want a best launcher for battery backup then you should probably give this a try. Its also very fast and lightweight and stable on most android phones.


Its qualities are;

  • Intelligently close all the unnecessary apps and clean ram memory.
  • It has a powerful feature of in-depth memory boost and can give almost 50% improvement in battery life.
  • Works with slow phones very good by optimizing the apps making it faster and lightweight.
  • It has features of Hibernate apps which prevent apps from autostart thus saving a handsome amount of power.
  • More features include Organized apps, easy search and important phone calls and messages unread count badges which ensures that you do not miss important call or sms.

ZenUI Launcher – Fastest Android Launcher

Zen Launcher
Zen Launcher
Developer: ZMenGames
Price: Free

If your launcher t is fancy, has cool animations and features packed. Then ZenUI is you shot. And I do not want to talk much about this launcher becasue it itself is Google Play’s top ranked launcher with 4.7 rating.

ZenUI may not be the perfect battery saving launcher for android that uses low cpu and ram but is surely the fastest. And with its features and optimization, your battery will surely just last long enough compared to the stock launcher.


Key features of this launcher are,

  • Personalize your homescreen the way you want. Use wallpapers, lockscreens and different themes to make your phone look appealing.
  • Smart homescreen lets you manage and sort apps in an efficient way. You can see Live preview of sorted apps that how will they look after the current settings.
  • Smart search.
  • Built-in app lock and other security that comes in handy.

Smart Launcher

Smart Launcher 6
Smart Launcher 6
Developer: Smart Launcher Team
Price: Free

If you are looking towards the simplicity and performance then none other launcher is better than  Smart Launcher 3. It is an update of Smart Launcher 2. Smart Launcher is very light android launcher and easy to use with just one tap away from any app you want. Accompanied by a  very sleek and impressive interface with innovative design that makes your android intuitive and well managed. You will like this launcher definitely. Just give it a try.


This launcher is a good battery saving android launcher. Smart Launcher 3 has many features.

  • AI powered search bar.
  • Gestures.
  • Hide Apps.
  • Low resources usage for better battery life.
  • Customizable lock screen.
  • Double tap knock off scrceen.
  • Smart screen off: Your screen will auto turn of when you place your phone on surface.
  • Pop up widgets.

ap15 Launcher

ap15 Launcher
ap15 Launcher
Developer: Apseren Industries
Price: Free

ap15 is a new addition to out list of Battery Saving android launchers. This launcher has a very minimal and simple design to enhance efficiency, speed and battery performance. AP15 launcher is a very lightweight and small launcher that does not drain battery. It has very unique design and falls under our list of 10 Best Unique Launchers for Android. It has very good rating of 4.5 on Google Play which means it is liked by users a lot.


  • Hide abandoned apps.
  • Customize the apps based on their priority.
  • Font is highly customizable.
  • Most used apps are appeared with larger font for easy access.

Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher
Microsoft Launcher
Price: Free

Microsoft Launcher is a very capable batter saver launcher developed by the one and only Microsoft Corporation. It has a very high quality production home screen experience. The user overlay of this launcher is my favorite. It has all the features that you need, dark theme, wallpapers, icon packs etc. Microsoft launcher has a very high rating of 4.7 meaning that users are loving it.


  • Dark Mode for night.
  • Battery Optimized launcher.
  • Changeable icon packs.
  • Different Wallpapers.
  • Smooth and high quality system animations.
  • Fast and lightweight with low Ram usage.

So guys that’s it. Hope you like our list of Best Battery Saving Launchers for Android that uses low cpu and ram for better battery life. If you know any other good battery saver launcher then do share in the comments below. Subscribe to our blog for more interesting android topics. For now, Bye and Take good care of yourself.

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