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Download vShare iOS 10 without Jailbreak | iPhone/iPad – New Working Method

vShare iOS 10, the oldest, the famous, and the best reputable yet the first one which became that one appstore for iOS and Android that had and has all the paid apps for free on iPhone/iPad without jailbreak. Let me ask you a question,! What comes in your mind when you need to install a paid app for free on your iOS device. Probably Jailbreak would be the first suggestion from any one or from you. But vShare has made this problem easy for us. Because vShare iOS 10 can be installed without jailbreak on iOS. And with vSHare we will get almost all the famous apps and games, whether they are paid, for free.

If you are previous vShare users, then you must know that previous method to install vShare from vshare’s website onto the phone doesn’t work anymore. Many people were having problem installing using the old method. But now I will show the latest and working method to install vShare for iOS 10 using vShare helper. This method will work on new iOS 10 version. You can follow the full detailed tutorial below.

vshare for iOS 10

vShare for iOS 10

vShare for iOS is great way to install paid apps for free. It is a perfect alternative of cydia, installaous, appcake etc. You don’t even need to jailbreak your device. In this method I will show the perfectly working method to download vShare using PC with vShare helper on your iPhone/iPad. vShare iOS 10.0.2 is available.

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To download vShare iOS 10. You will need a PC, an internet connection and a USb data cable. All you have to do is install a tool called vShare helper, connect your iPhone to pc and install vShare using this tool. This is the new method. I have tried it myself on iPhone 4s. It will also work on vshare iOS 9.3.3 and lower iOS versions. The old method to directly download vshare on the phone doesn’t work anymore for all users currently. So, you should need to follow this tutorial below.

Let’s start the process guys, to download vShare iOS 10 on iPhone 7/7plus and other iphone/iPad models. The version installed on your iPhone/iad will be vShare SE.

Required Devices

  • A PC or a Laptop with Internet connection.
  • IPhone or iPad
  • USB Data Cable

Install vShare iOS 10 without Jailbreak, Steps

These are the steps to download vShare for iOS 10.


  • Turn your PC or laptop on, connect to internet and open the browser you use.


  • Type the URL:¬†and hit enter.


  • vShare website will load now. Click on the Download option with desktop logo on the top.

vshare helper download


  • vShare helper will now download on your PC.
  • Once it is downloaded. Install it on your PC. Chose any option from the provided ones while installing it. When it is installed. Launch the vShare helper tool.

launch vshare pc helper


  • Now connect the your iPhone/iPad to the PC via USB Data cable.

vShare PC installer


  • When your device is detected by the PC. vShare helper will also detect it and after a few seconds its status will be shown on the screen of vShare helper tool.

vShare PC


  • Now this is the final part. When device status is shown. There will also be a list of apps on the bottom. One will be vShare iOS 10. You can see that in above screenshot.
  • Click on vShare app and install it. It will be installed on your iPhone or iPad with in seconds.


  • After that, disconnect your device. Go to apps drawer. You will see vShare SE app. Launch it and enjoy playing free apps and games.

vShare SE

  • All Done !!

Hope you installed vShare iOS 10 on your iPhone or iPad without and problem. If still you have any questions, ask in the comments below. Please share it and subscribe.



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