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Download and Install Hip4U iOS without Jailbreak – (HipStore)

If you are done with vShare, appcake, appsyns, cydia, etc, you should now move over to Hip4U iOS. You may have what is Hip4u Store. It is an alternative to vshare or installaous that can be installed on any iOS device without jailbreak access for installing free cracked apps. Now a days, there is a rapid increase in these third party appstores for iOS that provide free apps and games. So, when you think about installing some app for free that is paid on official appstore, jailbreaking your iOS shuouldn’t be a priority because you can easily get it from several appstores just like Hip4U without jailbreak.

So, now after the first paragraph you just read. I think you pretty well know that what is Hip4u store is and why you should install hip4u iOS on your iPhone/iPad without jailbreak. Without any further delay let’s start the real work. The procedure to download hip store without jailbreak.

hip4u store

Hip4U iOS | Free Cracked Apps

Hip4u is is an update of HipStore. Now this is available on official appstore to be download. These two are the different names of the same appstore. Hip4u store will let you download free apps and  games for free on your iphone or ipad. There is a very good collection of apps and games. Also the layout, the interface and the look of this appstore has been brilliantly optimised.

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Download Hip4U Without Jailbreak

Below are the steps to download hip4U iOS on your iphone without jailbreak.


  • First of all unlock your iPhone and connect to an internet  connection.


  • Open Sarari browser and type the URL, and search.


  • Official hipstore website will appear. Wait for it to load completely.


  • Once it is loaded completely. Scroll down to the end of the screen.
  • There will be options to download the Hip4u store for the iOS version compatible with your phone. Tap any one of them.
  • A prompt box will appear after a few. Tap on the install option.


  • Now Hip4U iOS cracked appstore will begin to install. Wait till it installs completely.
  • Once it is installed. OPen it. It will ask you to trust the enterprise developer.
  • For trusting, go to Settings>>General>>Profiles, scroll down and trust the untrusted hip4u store profile under untrusted profiles tab.


  • Launch Hip4U again and enjoy. All Done.

Hope you like this tutorial to install Hi4U iOS store without jailbreak on iPhone or iPad. Comment below for any questions. Share it and like it. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+.

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