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SpooferPro iPA iOS 17 Download [Pokemon Go Spoofing Tweak]

SpooferPro iPA for iOS is a gps spoofing tweak that lets you teleport in the game anywhere using joystick. Its an alternative to the famous iPogo or Pokemon Go++ app that is free to download and works on iOS 17.

Spoofer Pro iOS 17 offers various features such as a joystick for movement, teleportation, IV previews, modified throwing mechanics, auto walking, GPX support, fast catching, a live feed, and an in-game map to display nearby elements. It works on non-jailbroken iPhones without the need for a computer.

spooferpro ios 17

Spoofer Pro iPA

Have a look at full list of features for SpooferPro Pokemon Go twea for iOS.

  1. Explore Anywhere with Fake Location: With SpooferPro for PoGO, you have the power to teleport to any location in the world. You can effortlessly select from a built-in list of hotspots or explore new places by searching locations directly on the map.
  2. Join Team Rocket with Ease: Say goodbye to lengthy battles with those pesky Team Rocket Grunts. SpooferPro lets you defeat rocket balloons, grunts, and leaders in a single hit, making your journey through the Pokémon world smoother than ever.
  3. Assess Pokémon Power with IV Previews: Get a sneak peek into the strength of your Pokémon by checking their Individual Values (IVs) – Attack, Defense, and Stamina – before you decide to catch them or add them to your inventory.
  4. Navigate Effortlessly with the Joystick: Say hello to hassle-free movement. SpooferPro offers an in-built joystick, allowing you to move around effortlessly and even adjust your movement speed to suit your preferences.
  5. Discover Pokémon and More with the Huge Map: Explore the Pokémon universe like never before. Teleport to any location and use our expansive map to spot Pokémon, find Gyms and Raids, discover Pokestops and Incidents, all conveniently displayed around you.
  6. Automate Your Adventure with Virtual Go Plus: If you’re looking to accumulate stardust without the effort, SpooferPro has you covered. Activate Auto Walk and the Virtual Go Plus feature, saving you the need for expensive hardware while your journey continues automatically.

These features make Spoofer Pro ipa for PoGO a comprehensive and convenient tool for Pokémon GO enthusiasts, offering a range of enhancements to level-up your gaming experience.

SpooferPro iPA iOS Download

You can get the latest version of spoofer pro ipa from below link.

SpooferPro.ipa v0.283.1

How to Install Spoofer Pro on iOS

  1. Download the iPA file.
  2. Install Altstore or Sideloadly on your PC.
  3. Now sideload the ipa file using these tools on your phone.


  1. Is Spoofer Pro better than iPogo?
    Spoofer Pro and iPogo are both popular tools for Pokemon Go spoofing on iOS, and which one is better depends on your preferences. Spoofer Pro offers a user-friendly interface, accurate GPS simulation, and real-time weather features. iPogo, on the other hand, provides additional features like enhanced map exploration. It ultimately comes down to what features and experience you prefer.
  2. Can you spoof Pokemon Go on iOS?
    Yes, you can spoof Pokemon Go on iOS using tools like Spoofer Pro, iPogo, or other similar apps. These applications allow you to manipulate your GPS location, enabling you to play the game from anywhere in the virtual Pokemon world.
  3. Does iPogo work on iOS?
    Yes, iPogo is designed specifically for iOS devices. It provides a range of features for Pokemon Go players who want to enhance their gaming experience by spoofing their GPS location.
  4. What is the alternative to PGSharp for iOS?
    PGSharp is primarily used on Android devices. For iOS users, alternatives like SpooferPro and iPogo and PokeGo++ as mentioned earlier, are more commonly used. These tools offer similar features to PGSharp but are tailored for iOS devices.

That is all for SpooferPro ipa. You can install tweak with ease if you follow instructions in this article. For any queries, drop comments.

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