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Bypass Pokemon Go Root Detection without Pokepatch on Android

The most popular and the viral android and iOS game currently is Pokemon Go. People are mad for playing this Game on their device. This game has made an enormous record of being one of the quickest top downloading. The developer of this game has made restriction of playing this game Pokemon Go on Rooted android phone. Same is the case with jailbreak iOS device. On iOS pokemon Go can be played on jailbroken device via a cydia tweak named pokepatch. On Android I will also show you to Bypass Pokemon Go Root detection without installing Pokepatch on Android.

New tweak Pokedetector for Nearby Pokemon Notifications on the go

You may be thinking what is the point in restrictions this game to install on Android phone but according to my view it makes sense because pokemon GO has In-App purchases and with a rooted phone we can those hack In app purchases and that is the thing which developer doesn’t want the users to do on pokemon Go. But don’t worry nothing is impossible. I have a found a way to Play Pokemon Go on Rooted Android phone. And we don’t Pokepatch Android for that. It is all done very easily. So, stick to our tutorial below if you want to play Pokemon Go Root on Android.

Pokemon Go Tips and Tricks, How to Master

pokemon go on root without pokepatch android

Install Pokemon GO on Rooted Android Phone | No PokePatch

Latest Magisk Apk to Hide Root for Pokemon Go 0.37

Pokemon has also remained the popular cartoon tv series on Cartoon Network channel. I used to watch this and DBZ a lot. And I think everybody else who born in the 90’s would have watched this show. BTW please like my fb page Born in the 90s. From this it is clear that every body who has watched Pokemon at some stage even if he or she is not a fan would definitely download and wanna play this game. This is the main reason why it has become so viral and popular.

Masterball is Another tweak for Jailbreak Bypass in Pokemon Go

Anyway, if you want to know how to get Pokemon Go Root detection bypass without pokepatch then follow the below instructions. Please note that Pokepatch is a tweak available only for cydia. For Android pokepatch has not yet been release. So, we will bypass root on Pokemon Go with a different way. Enough of the talk. Let’s begin now.

Bypass Pokemon Go Root Detection without Pokepatch on Android, Steps

Carefully follow the steps below for bypassing root detection on android for this game.


  • First of all download Pokemon Go your Android device in any country.


  • Now download another app called Hide My Root from Google Play store on your phone.

hide my root


  • After that first open the Hide my root app on your phone. Enable the option Hide Su binary and tap on OK.


  • Now go back and launch the Pokemon GO game that you downloaded earlier. And all done.

That is it guys. Pretty simple it is. Now you have successfully installed and bypassed Pokemon Go Root Detection without Pokepatch on Android. Enjoy the game and share this trick with your friends. Like our facebook page and follow us on twitter and Google+. If you have any questions don’t hesitate. Drop a comment below. Bye, Have a nice day.

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  1. Yes it’s true, Magisk doesn’t work anymore. Yes you can download the “Hide my Root” app for it to work. However, there’s an even faster/better way to get pokemon go to work on some rooted devices without downloading anything (except for “SManager”, a script manager) and without changing the location of the su files (originally in “/system/(x)bin”)… https://forum.cyanogenmod.org/topic/129005-any-way-to-make-pokemon-gos-new-update0370-work-with-cm-130/?page=4#comment-617885

  2. It doesn’t work in my Fire Phone (running an unofficial SlimKat version cause the Fire OS stock ROM sucks balls), it just hangs on the “Hiding. Please wait” screen 🙁

  3. Does this process work with the new 0.37.0 update?
    There are reports from Reddit and Phandroid stating that rooted phones are no longer supported by Pokemon Go with the 0.37.0 update.

  4. I have a rooted galaxt note 4 and Pokemon Go doesnt load after signing up at google. I have followed the instruction but it still didnt worked..

  5. Hey I have a Galaxy s3 which is rooted but when I load Pokemon Go, it loads but then it goes on a green screen while it says, “failed to get Location”

  6. I’m sorry but I really don’t get this article. I have a rooted phone and have been able to play Pokemon Go from day 1 without having to do anything to my phone. I have been playing it for 2 weeks and nothing have been said in app about my phone been rooted. This is the first I’ve heard of Pokemon Go now working on a rooted phone.

    • Your phone is rooted but it may not have su binary installed or it is runnuning an outdated su binary. That’s why pokemon is running on your device. On proper rooted devices with su binary installed, pokemon go doesn’t work.
      Anyway, enjoy the game.

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