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Fix LG G4 Stuck on Boot Screen or LG Logo (Bootloop Fix)

LG G4 is a Popular and exceptional Android Phone made by LG electronics and released in 2015. The phone was in the list of top phones of 2015. It was the first phones among all the other which got Official Android Marshmallow update. This phone has a best camera available yet in the era of Smartphones. Also its successor LG G5 is on the way to the journey of Smartphones.

Recently if you have updated or downgraded your LG G4 to the Stock firmware then it is possible that your LG G4 is freezed at the Startup screen or LG animation. So, if that is the case then you can fix your LG G4 Stuck on Boot screen by following the instructions which I will show you today in this tutorial. I will show you can fix your LG G4 if it is stuck at the LG animation and unable to show the homescreen.

fix lg g4 stuck at bootloop

Fix LG G4 Stuck on Boot Screen / LG Animation

You can fix your LG G4 stuck at boot screen or Lg logo by following the instructions here. The problem is common and there is no need to panic because it occurs to almosr all the phones after the update or downgrade process.

The process which I will show you here is the fully working and has saved many LG G4 from the problem of freezing at start-up screen. I will give you the step by step instructions to fix G4 stuck at boot LG animation. You just need to follow these instructions carefully and your problem will be fixed in just 5 minutes. The method is applicable to all LG G4 models. So. let’s start to fix LG G4 stuck on boot.

Many users were reporting that this process doesn’t work for them. Then I researched again on LG G4 bootloop problem. And I came to know that this is a hardware issue which LG accepted itself for LG G4. However you can try the process below, if it works for you then well and good. But if it doesn’t then it is a hardware problem. You have to take your phone to LG franchise where they’ll fix this.

Steps to Fix LG G4 Stuck at Start-up Screen / LG Animation

Follow the steps below to fix your LG G4 Boot Screen Freezing issue. Note that this will factory reset your phone and all your data will be lost.

  • Turn off your LG G4 or take the battery out and insert it again.
  • Now press and hold the Power+Volume Down button together for few seconds.
  • When the LG logo appears, quickly release the Power button for a second and again hold the Power button.
  • After that a Factory Hard Reset Menu will appear and then release all the buttons.
  • Now Press the Power button to begin and again press it to confirm. Your LG G4 will factory reset now and automatically restart. Wait for few seconds and All Done!!

Congratulations!!. Your LG G4 will surely show up the home screen now and you have fixed LG G4 stuck on boot screen or LG Logo Problem.

Let us know in the Comments whether your problem is solved or not. Feel free to ask any questions if you face any problem or difficulty. Please share it and subscribe to our blog. Sharing buttons are below and subscription box is at the end.

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  1. I did this..then froze my phone in the freezer for 1 hour and it’s been working 2 days solid now..hope this helps.Jen

  2. Please Help me! when i was using my LG G4 is suddenly hang and make a noise peeep, and its not turn off i remove the battery and plot again but my mobile not give any response

  3. DO NOT update android os on your G4. Sooner or later it will be stuck to LG logo screen. And there’s nothing u can do, unless go to LG and replace the mainboard.

  4. Do I have to do something to factory restart or just follow the steps and that will factory restart automatically?

  5. Try wiping cache before factory reset. Depending on what causes the boot loop sometimes thats all it takes, and no loss of data.

  6. Just heat the crap out of it! Use a hair dryer at close distance. Remove the battery, sim and sd card first. Worked for me.

    • Thanks for the tip. I followed the instructions in this article, read all the comments and applied all the tip, nothing worked.
      I finally used a hair dryer like you mentioned and it worked!
      Had to apply several times (maybe 4-5 times of 15-20 seconds each). Then re-did the factory reset process and it worked. Thanks again.
      (had nothing to lose anyway since i was out of warranty.

  7. Steps mentioned above is not workin my phone still stuck on lg animation logo. what i should do next to resolve this issue kindly assist ..


      • mine got stuck too.. what i did (this is just a temporary solution) drain your battery first. then when the screen shows it’s in 0%, charge it for 3 minutes (advisable is 3 minutes!) and also you should see a red light blinking on the upper left side of the phone. after that, remove the charger/cord and hold the power button to open.. then check if there’s a light blinking on the upper left side of the phone – w/c is color blue i think.. if there is, just wait for it to load and take you to your homescreen! once you’re in your homescreen immediately charge the fone.. that’s it.. already working. Disclaimer: this is temporary, there’s still a possibility that the phone will bootlooped again.. as per reviews, the solution is to replace the motherboard but it will cost a lot if the phone is no longer in warranty. My phone bootlooped again for the 2nd time (when i was checking my mom’s albums in FB and listening to spotify at the same time) so i think once your fone is working, just use it lightly, use it for just sms. hoe this helps!

        • I’ve tried but this doesn’t work!! When I tried charging the phone, it turns itself on and goes into bootloop… Then it will heat up and doesn’t respond to anything. Have to remove the battery! What to do??

  8. Assalam u alikum…
    Same boot loop problem with my phon.
    I didn’t play even games by turning on data connection my lg g4 gets hot.
    I tried the method but instead of beings hard reset it shows me IME numbers..
    Plz help me how to get rid of it because in Pakistan there is no LG center to replace or contact them.

  9. Tried according to your instructions. Got to the reset menu, made the choices, then the phone went black. Waited a couple minutes – nothing. Finally removed the battery again, now I don’t even get the LG Logo screen – just black screen with no indication of anything happening, whether I use the power or the the power +volume down buttons.

  10. It didn’t work.. I tried the sequence many times; finally got through all the steps right to the point the little green man came up for a little bit; the logo came back, then everything died.. The problem came so sudden, right after app update while charging the phone.. I cannot believe the phone just die like that..

    • Same thing to me, the Green men show up and after few second came back to the start up screen LG and it is looping again 🙁 . I am so sad.

  11. My LG G4 is still turning on and off, It won’t let me go onto the factory reset menu while tring to turn it on. It will only let me see the IMU and MEI codes, Is there any other way? im not willing to pay when i already had to purchase the phone and seeing as how they’ve admitted to it being a defect in the system itself. Please let me know if you know of any other ways.

  12. I’ve tried to reset it but it won’t select yes the 2nd time it a freeze up for a while then go back to the lg logo and that’s coming in and goin away.

  13. My LG G4 stuck in LG logo screen and i’ve been trying to fix with this method but my phone freezes in Factory Reset screen. When i clicked yes it freezes up. What am i going to do?

  14. I tried Jodrey’s method and my wife’s phone is now working. It was out of warranty so I had nothing to loose by applying heat. After three tries of applying heat to the logic board, the phone started up properly and seems to be working fine. I just hope none of the internal components are damaged.

    • yeah how did you heat it up? i took it in to lg and they want me to pay 300 dollars to replace the motherboard, terrible customer care when lg has already admitted its a factory defect! so i guess this is the only option i have left as ive already spent a lot trying to get it to work.

  15. I selected yes to reset its not happening.It’s being on the same screen numb nothing is happening but when i directly select ‘no’ it’s showing logo again

  16. I had the same issues. I decided to check online to source for solutions. Some people suggested it was hardware and some said software. I didn’t do hard reset. All I did was to uncouple the phone and applied heat to every part on the panel. At first the phone booted completely and started to restart continuously. I had to apply some more intensive heat. Finally it’s working.

  17. thanks this really worked since i only needed the phone to wiped out before sending out and this definitely accomplished it

  18. Hi bro
    I charged my LG G4 to 50% and do everything follow you. but after it erase and turn on, see t-mobile LOGO and sound then it automatic turn off and stuck at LOGO LG again. Can you help me?

  19. Hi Faiq. I have my phone set to charge only when connected to my PC. Is there any way I can change this when stuck in boot loop so that I can back up my photos before hard resetting?

  20. Did not work for me. Gets stuck on the LG screen even after pressing Yes for reset and yes again to confirm. Tried it a couple times with no success.

  21. Thanjs Faiq
    I dont want to loss the data
    If there is any another option instead of resting to the factory setting??!!

  22. I tried this process countless times. Get to the option to reset factory default, select yes and goes back to the LG Logo Screen.

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