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How to Downgrade LG G3 D855 to Lollipop [6.0 to 5.0]

LG G3 got the Android Marshmallow update recently in the last week of December, 2015. However the users who are on Marshmallow but they don’t like it and want to go back on Lollipop then this guide will show how you can downgrade LG G3 D855 to Lollipop Stock OS. The 6.0 update was first available to users in Poland. At now Marshmallow update is available to some regions and will be available to most regions after some time. We also publish the article for users who didn’t get the Android M update that how they can manually update LG G3 D855 to 6.0 Marshmallow Official.  So, if you are one of those who have tasted the Android Marshmallow OS and now want to Downgrade LG G3 D855 to Lollipop then the procedure below will help you to go back to 5.0.1 lollipop from 6.0 Marshmallow firmware.

First LG G4 got the Android M update and I published a successful procedure on how to Downgrade LG G4 to 5.1.1 Lollipop. Now I will show you how you can downgrade your LG G3 to stock lollipop firmware. You may be familiar with LGUP tool which is a new tool for LG devices to flash KDZ files. So we will use LGUP tool to flash Lollipop file on LG G3 because downgrading from Marshmallow to Lollipop is not possible. LGUP will do this and trsut me it is way more easy to use LGUP then LG Flash tool. So, follow the instructions below to downgrade LG G3 to Lollipop.

Downgrade LG G3 to 5.0

Downgrading LG G3 to Lollipop Official OS

The process to downgrade your G3 D855 is not that difficult. LGUP tool will be used to downgrade LG G3 and using is as easy as cake. You won’t  need to go into that download mode. All you need to do is to connect your phone to the computer, run the LGUP and chose the KDZ file then click on the start button. Enough of the talk guys, let’s start to downgrade LG G3 to 5.1.1 Lollipop. Before starting, read the disclaimer and necessary instructions below.


This method is only for LG G3 model no D855. Do not try this on any other model. If you are completely unaware of this kind of process then you should not this unless you do little research first. If something wrong happens with your device during or after the process then Droidopinions.com will not be held responsible. If your device is rooted then it will lose root after the process. The lollipop firmware here is official.

Necessary Instructions before Proceeding

  1. Check the model of your phone by going to Settings>>About Phone>>Hardware Information. Make sure it is D855 then proceed.
  2. Must backup your important data like photos, videos, contacts, messages etc to avoid data loss for safety purpose.
  3. Charge your phone up to 70% to minimize power issues.
  4. LG USB drivers should be installed on your PC.
  5. Your USB Data cable should be working properly.

Download Required Files

You will need the following files to downgrade LG G3.

Download: Lollipop KDZ file for G3 D855

Download: LGUP Tool

Download: LG Mobile Drivers

Downgrade LG G3 D855, Steps

A PC will be required for the operation below.


  • Fist of all open the above link to download Lollipop KDZ for LG G3 D855. Click on the United Kingdom folder and from there download the KDZ file on the 5th number i,e UK Europe General D85520I.kdz or you can also download any other lollipop file. Just be sure to download the file with date before 2016 (30B is marshmallow).
  • Now extract the downloaded file if possible to get KDZ. If it’s already KDZ then don’t need to extract.


  • Now download LGUP flash tool on your PC and extract.
  • You will get two different files after extracting LGUP. Install dll file first and then LGUP file.


  • After installing LGUP, launch the LGUP flash tool on your PC.


  • Connect your LG G3 to the PC. LGUP will detect your phone and it will be listed on the LGUP screen. (Example picture below)


  • After that, click on the Upgrade option, and choose file path. Select the KDZ file that you downloaded in the first step.
  • You can also select Refurbish option and click on start but this will erase your data and you will undergo a clean downgrade process. This one is most suitable but you can select any option you want. Both works fine.

Note: Make sure BIN File is checked/ticked


  • Now after all the above steps are done, press the Start button to begin the process and wait till the installation of the firmware completes.

After the completion of the process your LG G3 will automatically restart. It will take a little at first start-up to show up the homescreen so have patience. Now you have successfully downgraded your LG G3 to Lollipop. Hope you like our tutorial to downgrade LG G3 D855 to Lollipop. If you have questions or problem then ask in the comments sections below. Share this tutorial as much as possible so marshmallow users who want to downgrade LG G3 back to Lollipop OS could do this.

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