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How to Downgrade LG G4 H818P (Dual) to 5.1.1 Lollipop

Many of you should have updated your LG G4 H818P dual to the latest Marshmallow update. LG G4 was the first to receive the 6.0 update among all the other Android phones except Google Nexus. If you don’t like the latest Marshmallow update and it doesn’t suits you, as it is reported a lot of battery drain in Marshmallow, then you can downgrade LG G4 H818P (dual) to 5.1.1 Lollipop using this guide.

If have already published a successful article on downgrading G4 H815 and verizon G4 VS986 and now I am publishing this method separately for downgrading G4 H818P dual though the instructions are same but only the KDZ files are different. So, every one who has the LG G4 dual sim model and is willing to downgrade LG G4 H818P to 5.1.1 Lollipop from Marshmallow can follow these instructions. Let’s start.

Downgrading LG G4 H818P Dual to Stock 5.1.1

Downgrading G4 Dual sim model H818P is so much simple. Any of you can do this with in no time because there is new tool LGUP which is used to downgrade the G4. You only have to connect your phone to the PC, run lgup, select lollipop kdz and click on the start button. You don’t even need to go into the download mode.

So, to downgrade LG G4 H818P Dual to stock Lollipop firmware follow the detailed steps given below very carefully. Now let’s begin the process. Read the necessary instructions before proceeding.


The process is only for LG G4 Dual model no H818P. Don’t try this on any other model. You should follow the step carefully in case somethings goes wrong with your phone then will not be held responsible. Try this at your own risk. You don’t need root access in order to do this process. Thanks.

Necessary Instructions Before Proceeding

  1. Check the model of your phone by going to Settings>>About Phone>>Hardware Information. Make sure it is H818P then proceed.
  2. Backup your important data like photos, videos, contacts, messages etc to avoid data loss for safety purpose.
  3. Charge your phone up to 70% to minimize power issues.
  4. Install LG USB drivers on your PC.
  5. Your USB Data cable should be working properly.

Download Required Files

Lollipop Kdz G4 H818P

LGUP tool

LG Mobile Drivers

Steps to Downgrade LG G4 H818P (Dual) to 5.1.1 Lollipop, [6.0 to 5.1.1]


  • Download any of the Lollipop KDZ file from the link above for your G4 H818P.
  • Now Download the LGUP tool and extract it.


  • After extracting LGUP tool you will get two files. Install the DLL file first and then LGUP file on your PC.


  • Now launch the LGUP tool on your PC.


  • After that connect your LG G4 to the PC. LGUP will detect your phone and it will be listed on the LGUP tool screen like in the picture below.

Connect LG G4 to LGUP


  • Now click on the upgrade option in LGUP and choose file pathSelect the Marshmallow kdz file for your phone that you downloaded in the first step.


  • There are different options to update LG G4 in the process section below. If you choose the Refurbish option, your phone will undergo a full factory installation and all the data will be erased.
  • If you choose the Upgrade option then your data will not be erased and the phone will be updated.


  • Now after all the above steps are done, press the Start button to begin the process and wait till the installation of the firmware completes.
  • Your phone will automatically reboot after the completion. Wait till the homescreen shows up. First boot-up may take some time.

If you Get Stuck In LG Logo: Follow the instructions on that link if you are stuck at start-up screen or LG Logo. (Fix LG G4 Stuck On LG Logo)

So that’s it. This was the tutorial to Downgrade LG G4 H818P to 5.1.1 Lollipop stock firmware. Now your G4 Dual is back on stock Lollipop OS. If you have any questions then ask in the comments below. Please share it and subscribe to our blog. Sharing buttons are below and subscription box is at the end.

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  1. My device is LG g4 h818p v20h …is this possible to downgrade by kdz file lollipop tht u provide???
    it is very much helpful for me

  2. Hi, I am really upset about the battery life of LG G4 with MM. I saw your tutorial and it’s seems very easy. But would like to know after I install android 5.1 & if I want to go back to MM, how I can do that? I would really appreciate if I can get reply for my query.

  3. I had an issue with the Android 6.0 giving sound from one ear in headphone and I decided to rollback to the 5.1.1 and first I asked specialist people with software they said it’s hard to rollback to android 5 in LG G4 and it could be damaged
    I followed your tutorial and everything went smooth
    I can’t thank you enough
    the sound issue fixed and now I can enjoy listinig again

  4. I am from srilanka .Mr. Faik can i know if this is a risky procedure or will this lead to some issue in the phone.. Mine is showing as h818p in the hardware info. I baught this mobile a couple of days ago and id remember if it came with LP or MM but i think it got updated when i first connected it to the wifi and I am having a batry drain and over heat issue.. Please help me with this..
    Jazak Allah khair in Advance..

    • to me, nothing wrong happened. just follow the guide very carefully. I successfully downgraded my G4 to 5.1. Just be careful a lot.

  5. how can i know what’s software version is compatible (Indonesia, algeria,etc) for my mobile
    i have lg g4 h818p and i bought it from Saudi arabia ?
    can any one help

  6. Hi,
    I am running Marshmallow H81820c, when I tried using LGUP, it stopped at 9%, on the phone something comes up in the text box, but only for 1 second then error 0x2000 comes up ‘flashing fail’, KDZ that I downloaded is Indonesia 10f kdz. Why this error, I tried different USB port, different computer, it’s all 2.0 USB port. Any clue?

  7. Hi Faiq,
    does the 5.1.1 Lollipop have MirrorLink? My H818p already came with Marshmallow installed and the option for Mirrorlink never existed.

    Thanks in advance.

  8. Dear faiq, i have g4 dual h818p , i hv got 2 queries:

    1. My battery drains so quick in MM , will downgrading MM to lollipop fix this issue ? If yes , wat kdz source should i use ( algeria, europe, etc ?)

    2. When i turn on data network feature , my phone gets mad (apps open by their own,keys are pressed automatically ) , and i havee to turn off my data connection to avoid this abrupt behaviour . what do u think could be the problem ?

    Waiting for ur prompt response.

    • The battery drain would likely be fixed as reported by other users. As far as other issues are concerned, these are just software bugs. Downgrading will fix most errors and bugs.
      Use the softwarw source specified in the tutorial.

      • sir i have same problem with LG G4 H818P(apps open by their own,keys are pressed automatically ).i followed the steps to downgrade to lolipop but,still am facing the problem
        plz help me to fix it…

  9. I downgraded but battery continues to drain fast. Also it takes ages to fully charge, something’s very wrong. I applied the Algeria version.

  10. I installed the Algeria version. Now everytime I reboot the phone I get a message (the current version is not available for user…).

    Also I put it to charge like 1:30am. Now it’s 7:30 and it only charged 70℅ and the phone is very heated. What possibly could have gone wrong?

  11. Hi Faiq, i bought LG G4 H818 N one month back and it was running without any issue on lolipop 5.1.but since i upgraded it to marshmallow 5 days ago my battery started to drain very fast.i regret the update very much and want to downgrade to lolipop.plz. help me how to downgrade LLG G4 818N ( Dual) to lolipop 5.1

  12. Hi,
    I have LG g4 dual , i m using marshmallow suddenly its shows unfortunately camera has stopped then I reset the device factory settings and erased the internal memory but the problem still the same!Now its also show unfortunately call has stopped.

    please advice is it software problem or hardware problem and how can i fixed it?

  13. Hi,
    I have LG g4 dual , it was working good until the latest system update!
    Now the phone speaker is not working sometimes, the music player stopps suddenly, when I reboot the phone all are working a little then the problem back again,
    I reset the device factory settings and erased the internal memory but the problem still the same!
    Is it an update issue or hardware?


    • Hi, Award Farra,
      If it was working fine before then It’s the software issue. After update, your phone’s system files I think have been messed up. Downgrade it using the method here.

  14. Hello, I recently bought a Lg G4 H818p. Since the day i started using this phone, upper part of the phone (camera area) overheats quickly. I thought that the problem was because software so i have done downgrading to lollipop as you determined. I succeeded. now my phone is running 5.1.1 but overheating problem was not fixed. What else can i do to fix this?

  15. Hello, I recently bought a Lg G4 H818p from dubai. Since the day i started using this phone, upper part of the phone (camera area) overheats quickly. I thought that the problem was because software so i have done downgrading to lollipop as you determined. I succeeded. now my phone is running 5.1.1 but overheating problem was not fixed. What else can i do to fix this?

  16. hi, i still dont understand, at first you said that we need to download kdz lollipop from your link (appear indonesia, algeria,etc), and on the step 5 you said marshmallow kdz to select?

    so if we want to downgrade we choose refurbish or updgrade?

    • Hi,
      For installing the apk file manually you need to enable unknown sources option. You can do so by going to settings>>security, scroll down to Unknown sources and enable it.

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